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How to use diet to achieve a beautiful butt Effect?

2018-05-05 12:48:47

In order to make the buttocks strong and avoid slack and sagging, the first principle in the diet is to reduce the intake of animal fat.

Butt diet

Eating too much cream or cheese, not only easy to make the blood tend to acidic, make people easy to fatigue, but also make fat hoarding in the lower body, resulting in sagging hips, so it is best to use the original plant protein such as soybeans, or low-calorie and nutrient-rich seafood as the staple food.


In terms of vegetables, pumpkin, sweet potato and taro are rich in fiber, which can promote gastrointestinal motility, reduce constipation, and create a lean and toned lower body.


In addition, the choice of nutrients is also important. Many women have a thin upper body but bloated lower body trouble, at this time you have to reflect on their daily diet, whether there are insufficient potassium shortcomings.


Medical research has shown that sufficient amounts of potassium can promote cell metabolism, the smooth excretion of toxins and waste. When potassium intake is insufficient, cell metabolism will be obstructed, so that lymphatic circulation slows down, and cell excretion of waste becomes more and more difficult; Combined with the influence of gravity, stored water and waste accumulate in the lower body, naturally resulting in bloated hips and legs. There are two ways to solve this conundrum: reduce sodium and increase potassium intake.

Matters needing attention

Too much sodium can hinder the absorption of potassium, so you must eat less salty and spicy foods, which are sources of sodium.


Brown rice, whole wheat bread, beans and cauliflower, these foods contain a lot of potassium, help to eliminate excess water in the body, make your lower body more slim.