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How to use safely

2018-04-09 12:48:14

It's the Internet age, technology is advancing fast, everyone has one. There is still controversy about the radiation hazard, but our wrong use does bring us a lot of harm to the eyes, and the recurring leakage events lead to the occurrence of tragedies.


When sleeping, it is best to lie down and hold it in front of you to play, not sideways, which will cause different pressure on the left and right eyes due to the uneven use of our eyes. If you are myopic friends will be more deepened vision deviation.


Do not play while charging, on the one hand, it is harmful, and on the other hand, there will be current when charging, and the voltage will instantly become many times larger than usual when networking and connecting, the battery and other hardware will have certain damage, and the leakage is a threat to personal safety.


It is best to shut down when sleeping in a place far away from you, the living room and other places in the home, because the electrical radiation will have a certain harm to the human brain, will cause insomnia, headache, dizziness and other situations, and sometimes will have a certain radiation to the human face.


Do not put it on the chest, now female friends are very beautiful, like the convenience of catching the trend, popular hanging in the chest of the shell, good-looking and convenient. The harm to the heart, a friend with a bad heart should pay attention to, the secretion system also has an impact, which can lead to the harm of female menstrual disorders.


If the power is too low, it will remind you not to play when charging, and the natural radiation will increase in order to provide your needs normally. Therefore, the radiation at this time is several times that of normal times, which is more harmful to people.


It is best to wait for the other party to answer the ear, the radiation to the brain will be less, because the play will continue to receive signals from the outside world, so it is best not to walk during the play to reduce the increase in radiation.

Matters needing attention

Be sure to be safe while playing