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How to use the recording function of OPPO Watch?

2018-04-24 14:24:36

Imagine being in an important meeting or class, and what's being said onstage is important to you, but it's not easy to record. At this time, as long as you use the recording function of the watch, you can solve your troubles, relative to the use of the watch will not make people feel disrespectful. Anytime, anywhere, to help you record every sound.


OPPO Watch

Operation path:

1. Press the longer button on the watch, enter the application list, find Recording > Click "Allow to use microphone" according to the display.


2, click to start recording, you can pause during the process. If the recording is finished, click Stop, it will automatically jump to the save interface.


3. After the save is complete, slide left on the recording interface to enter the list of saved recording files; Click to open the required recording file, and you can play or delete it.


4. Enter the setting interface, click the function key, and set the function key to quickly open the recording function.


This page is based on experience


Comfortable wearing tips: When wearing daily, you can relax the strap properly to ensure the breathability when wearing. When exercising, please adjust the wrist circumference to the appropriate size, not too loose or too tight, long-term friction or wearing too tight may make the skin uncomfortable, you can take off the watch as appropriate, so that the wrist properly rest. To achieve the best performance of the OPPO watch sensor, ensure that the back of the watch is in contact with the skin when wearing.


To learn more interesting skills, please click on the desktop [OPPO+] - [Customer Service] to enter the light, you can search for related skills; System-related highlights field tillage pressure, you can enter the ColorOS official website for specific viewing oh ~END

Matters needing attention

Keep the watch, strap and skin clean and dry during use, so as to ensure the comfort of wearing the watch and the service life of the strap.


Contact with sweat, body wash, skin care products and other liquids that may irritate the skin, especially may reduce the comfort of wearing and cause skin discomfort. It is recommended to wipe or wear after cleaning.


Do not wear a calfskin strap when swimming or in contact with water. The main raw material of the calfskin strap is natural material, without waterproof function, which may cause loss and deformation when it comes into contact with water.