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How to use the system's own calculator to convert

2018-04-18 01:36:17

Do software design or do single-chip computer design, it is inevitable to often carry out digital conversion, if each time on the paper with a pen one by one, it is not very slow, this article describes how to use the computer's own calculator to carry out the conversion of the system, this example with win8 test.


Windows 8 computer.


This information comes from experience


Right-click in an empty space in the panel that opens, and then click "All Apps" that pops up.


Find Calculator in All Apps and open it.


After opening the calculator, only simple mathematical operations can be performed.


Click the View button in the upper left corner, then select "Programmer" to open the programmer calculator.


In the left panel there is a base display, if we want to convert decimal numbers to other numbers, we first select "decimal", and then enter the number to be converted.


After the decimal number to be converted is finished, and then select the base system to be converted on the left, binary, then click binary, and the result bar will be converted to the corresponding binary, and the hexadecimal is similar. The base conversion is now complete.

Matters needing attention

Although this method is convenient, but manual calculation, can deepen the understanding of the system, if the amount is not very large, it is still recommended to manually calculate.