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How to wear steel wire rope

2018-04-18 14:24:07

1, hold the two ends of the steel wire from the bottom up respectively through the two wheel grooves of the steering wheel. 2, and then pull the wire to wear the two ends of the same side of the front pulley through the upper and lower two grooves, then pay attention to the direction, the wire head through to see whether the two wires cross (see the steering wheel and the front pulley between the position). 3. The steel wire passing through the wheel groove below the front pulley is directly connected to the hanging rod, and the steel wire passing through the horizontal wheel groove of the front pulley is then passed through the rear pulley on the same side and then connected to the hanging ball. Extended data: clothes rack wire rope maintenance When the automatic clothes rack steel wire can not be locked, if the automatic clothes rack shows this failure phenomenon, then the clothes rack may fall by its own weight, generally because the steel bowl is out of position, the coil spring inside the failure, can not lock the rotating parts. The repair method is also relatively simple, as long as the cavity is opened, the spring end hooks the tongue in the steel bowl, re-wound, loaded into the steel bowl, the other end of the spring hooks the column in the seat, and inserts the positioning foot of the spring steel bowl into the corresponding bayonet, and then winds the steel wire to the wheel shaft in the appropriate amount, and finally the bottom plate is installed.