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Identify Hermes bag tips! Don't say I didn't teach you

2018-01-10 12:48:00

Hermes is a French luxury brand that began in 1837 and has developed from a pure handmade workshop for nearly 200 years. In particular, its Kelly "Kelly" bag has always been a hot item in the fashion industry, still upholding the tradition of pure hand-crafted by the craftsmen of the unit, Hermes Birkin (BK) bag is also hot. What impressed the patriotic pig most was the big H belt that flashed blind diaosi's eyes when the Evergrande boss participated in the two sessions in 13 years. Hermes high price individual styles due to limited production or even price no market, even high imitation limited cost is not cheap, how to identify Hermes bag true and false? Let's explore and share some tips.


By observing the details of the object


1. From the taste to distinguish the new authentic Hermes bag have a special leather taste, this taste is the leather anti-corrosion potion of Hermes bag, this potion is very expensive, copycat Hermes bag can not afford to pay, it is impossible to imitate. In addition, Hermes uses the world's best leather material, which will have a non-leather light fragrance after special treatment, and the cortical surface particles are full and good. The fake cortical particles are either dull, or too soft, hard or have a chemical smell.


2. Logo marks Authentic Hermes leather logo is one letter by hand rubbing, not necessarily tightly stitched, but must be clear and elegant font, no halo. This place is rarely a good fake. The worse thing is that the whole logo is pressed out with A steel stamp, not according to one letter, this kind of goods will have horizontal stripes, individual imitation goods over A is pressed by a letter, but the edge is shallow clarity is not enough font to be much thicker. The real print is clear, elegant, and there are no rows of indentations. Fake fonts have blurred edges, and sometimes even rows of indentations are visible.


3. Hermes Bag logo letter "H" Hermes bags have a very obvious English initial letter "H" logo, on the bottom of the handle and button zipper of Hermes bags are printed with the letter "H". The "H" at the handle is done by artisans in one go during the weaving process, which is more expensive than embroidering the fabric by hand after it is woven. The production process of imitation products does not reach this process, which can be carefully identified.


4. Look at the line work familiar with Hermes children's shoes know that the real Hermes line is twill line, there will be no straight mix and match, there will be false. In addition, the eye of the genuine product is neat and fine, and the eye of the imitation product is larger and the edge is irregular.


5. Look at Hermes hardware and accessories. First, zipper is very important, the zipper edge of genuine Hermes is round and beautiful. Second, the real lettering on the metal buckle of the belt is clear and the lettering is very fine and smooth, and the lettering of imitation goods is lighter than that of coarse engraving. Third, Hermes belt card slot should pay more attention to, the internal surface of the genuine is smooth, imitation goods are not smooth enough seams, here the mold and process requirements are very high. Fourth, the genuine Hermes key belt package is good and natural, and the key cover of the fake bag is easy to warp and deform. The key lettering of genuine Hermes bag is clear and the grooving is round and natural, and the imitation is uneven. Fifth, the matching bottom of the genuine Hermes bag has two or three rows of numbers, the lettering is clear and fine, the keyhole is small and smooth and beautiful, and the imitation lock lettering font is thick and has the feeling of machine stamping.


6. LOGO printing in other parts of packaging and other parts of genuine Hermes packaging belt are clearly printed, while the printing of fake goods is usually fuzzy or incomplete.