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If you do not have the foundation, you can use the following ways to pass the CPA

2018-04-09 03:13:00

My feeling is that the surface of the basic test must be wide, to be familiar with, do not reach a certain temperature do not do subjective questions, comprehensive questions (because it takes too much time to do comprehensive questions at this time, the knowledge will not be much), 3 to 4 weeks before the test should first see some comprehensive questions (because the speed of reading questions is faster than the speed of doing questions, of course, the effect is not good), Look at some common problem types of solutions, and then do as many comprehensive problems as possible, improve their ability to solve comprehensive problems, only try to do a little more problems, in order to make themselves familiar with the key points, to avoid some low-level mistakes, lose points that should not be lost.


60-110 hours for the first time, you can do several objective questions (do not do subjective questions, because subjective questions take too much time, its test site has been included in the objective questions).


Spend 50 hours the second time, review the basic test points, and do the wrong objective questions the first time.


Four times shared more than 70 hours, from the key chapters (pass 1) selected a small number of subjective questions to do.


Do 7 sets of test questions (pass 3 5 sets, nearly 2 years of test questions), 2 sets after the 3rd and 4th times, 3 sets before the test, a total of 40 hours, including scoring, error analysis process.


We have 30 hours to fill in the blanks


Be sure to rest well before the exam, such as the exam, even if you master, poor energy is easy to do wrong.


Usually do the test when the test to do a variety of question types of time, the test strictly in accordance with the standard implementation. It is usually appropriate to finish the test paper five minutes before the end of the test.