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In "Solo Sting", the code name Awakening of Insects, finally exposed? Have you been sacrificed?

2018-03-12 00:00:25

Awakening of Insects is Lin Xiaocheng's brother Ah Fu, who was exposed in episode 31 for stealing the Cold Arrow project and was killed after being discovered by Ah GUI. Episode 31 is about Alfred going to a secret agent and not getting the list of Project Cold Arrow. Thinking there was only a list of people on the road to intercept the arrows, and this was the last chance. No news came back from the Awakening of Insects, and now all Song Huaizhen could do was wait. The midnight awakening of insects sent a telegram to the organization explaining part of the Cold Arrow project, telling them to prepare. In Fu and GUI ready to escort the list of arrows plan, Xiao Cheng came to tell you that the plan was canceled, above arranged the instructor to teach you lurking common sense stationmaster arranged another hand to escort the list. Time passed, Xiao Cheng sent people in the past said that their people safely arrived at the destination, Xiao Cheng this just put down the heart. Xiao Cheng GUI, Fu and others called the past said to send the list was intercepted by the Communist Army, let them take the initiative to say who came out of the intelligence. Seeing that none of the people called had spoken out, Xiaocheng had to search their homes one by one. Ah Fu is anxiously waiting, suddenly ah Fu said stomach ache to go to the toilet, Ah GUI also went, ah Fu took the opportunity to Ah GUI to knock out. Xiao Cheng found a telegraph in the home of a Fu, then know that the awakening of insects is a Fu, this time blue blue play said the child is sick, want him to come back immediately. Fu came to Xiao Ji there, with Xiao Ji clear their identity, with a gun forced Xiao Ji to shoot the list of cold arrow plan. When you go with advised small ji said Agugui is a good person. GUI wake up after dont understand what is going on, how he dont believe that Fu is the mole. Now stationmaster decent people everywhere to find the whereabouts of Ah Fu. Xiao Cheng back after a look at the child is just a common cold, he called himself back very angry. GUI call Xiao cheng said Fu is the awakening of insects, xiao cheng ready to catch Fu mother stop can not stop, mother an excited fainted. Afu disguised to go out of the city, where met Agugui at the gate of the city, for many years of brothers, Agugui want to let Afu go, but was caught behind the people. Aguigui by the identity of the Bureau of secrecy to the Fu away, Aguigui want to let a Fu with xiao cheng admit fault, but a Fu does not change their beliefs. Two brothers for so many years, did not expect it is today such a fate. Afu want to die in the hands of Agugui, but how can Agugui hand, finally Afu holding Agugui's hand to his own shot, go when Afu's face or smile. Leaving GUI there crying hysterically. Xiao Cheng took his mother to the hospital to see a doctor, the doctor told him because of anemia caused by the mother, the doctor told the mother to draw blood Xiao Cheng, Xiao Cheng very ashamed. Bureau said Ah Fu died, mother with illness to visit Ah Fu; Ah GUI sat in front of Ah Fu's tomb, and said his inner thoughts to the loess. Xiao Cheng and mother also came, back after Xiao Cheng also because of the death of a Fu depressed mood. Webmaster let xiao cheng give himself a confession, Fu steal information has not been found. Expansion information: "Solo" is a TV drama produced by Jin Haofeng Film and Television Culture Co., LTD., written and directed by Yu Zhong, Song Chunli, Sun Xun, Siqin Gaowa, Tang Yifei and other starring actors. The series, which follows a series of stories set on the eve of the founding of New China in 1949, premiered on 、、、、 on April 25, 2012. Reference source: Encyclopedia - The Thorn