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Innovation for competitiveness training

2018-05-04 17:36:05

Training Instructor: Chen Xinxian Training Time: 2 days Training Location: Customer customized Training target: Middle and senior managers of enterprises Main features: Detailed description of the essence of the operation of innovation to create competitiveness Case guidance: Analysis of the classic case of internal training of innovation to create competitiveness Case training: Mastering the skills improvement method of innovation to create competitiveness Action Suggestion: Training Background: Innovation can not only inject fresh blood into the enterprise and become the source of evergreen vitality of the enterprise, but also bring more actual benefits and development opportunities for employees. Innovation is not mysterious, but its power is extremely powerful and magical, countless enterprises success or failure tells us: without innovation, will face failure; Grasp innovation, you can win success. Training outline: "Innovation Creates Competitiveness Training" course main content summary: The first part based on innovation, creating enterprise competitiveness innovation: Laying the cornerstone of enterprise evergreen innovation - the eternal law of enterprise vitality evergreen innovation - creating the secret of Microsoft myth "Huawei winter" triggered by the thinking of Haier's "slope ball law" from "Made in China" to "Made in China" Analysis: Innovation creates competitiveness Training case! Analysis: Innovation creates competitiveness internal training case! Case: Innovation creates Competitiveness course case study! The second part of innovation, so that everything is possible psychological victory: change begins with their own "have changed" should change who to "break open" this "lock" with "heart" to create "new" as long as you can think, you can do the discussion: innovation to create competitiveness classic case discussion! Group: Innovation creates competitiveness training case study Guide Analysis: Eight pitfalls in innovation creates competitiveness learning! The third part of the exciting field innovation, in the work into your wisdom to make innovation become your first "focus" son "thinking all day to find" you do not shoot 100% no hit rate in the details of the seed of innovation will be found as a professional habit in the work into your innovation wisdom to shoot first, then aim at interaction: innovation to create competitiveness Training case evaluation Share: An innovation creates competitiveness training case sharing: Harvard classic innovation to create competitiveness case analysis demonstration Part 4 Creativity also needs to "push" mining thinking "soft" constantly update your "knowledge base" you can also become an innovative genius innovation is not an "inventor" patent small people can also become a pioneer to create wealth Innovation is not limited by personal qualifications Innovation is not remote, It's about V-thinking at your hands - you too can become an innovation genius