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Is there any way to make glass glue dry quickly

2018-05-12 14:24:35

To allow glass glue to dry quickly, the following factors need to be considered:


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Humidity: Humidity also has an effect on the drying speed of glass glue. The higher the humidity, the slower the drying speed of glass glue. Dehumidification equipment can be added to the construction environment to reduce humidity.


Thickness: The drying speed of glass glue is also related to the thickness of the application during construction. Generally speaking, the thinner the coating thickness, the faster the drying speed.


Type: The drying speed of different types of glass glue will also be different. Some quick-drying glass adhesives can dry quickly in a short time.


Combining the above factors, the drying of glass glue can be accelerated by controlling temperature, humidity, thickness, choosing the right type of glass glue and other measures. At the same time, it is recommended to make preparations before using glass glue, clean the materials that need to be bonded, and ensure that the construction environment meets the requirements.