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It takes a few steps to become a yoga instructor

2018-03-11 01:36:45

Love yoga, want to become a yoga teacher of primary practitioners, a starting learning network to share want to become a yoga coach need so many steps. To join a yoga training institution, you must first understand their teaching process and curriculum system. Together to systematically learn yoga postures and understand the principles of yoga teaching yoga lovers teaching methods: Professor - → practice - → questions - → answers - → practice - → mastery, interlocking. Through each step of teaching and practice to master the skills that yoga instructors should have. 1. Understand the basic knowledge of yoga - introduction to yoga, yoga postures, yoga postures anatomy (master skills, avoid sports injuries), characteristic yoga routines, yoga breathing and rest techniques are basic theories, skills and knowledge. A popular yoga class needs to be properly organized to be colorful and relaxed. This class will summarize some basic frameworks and steps to support your yoga class and will present you with the traditional characteristics of Lily Yoga asana class. Test: Write a complete teaching text lesson plan second: Practice yoga teaching practice can do, speak, teach is a yoga instructor must have skills, this link to provide learners with an opportunity to practice. Exam: On-site team simulation teaching block 3: exam certification exam pass, can obtain yoga instructor qualification certification. Practice, questions, answers run through every link, students can continue to practice to figure out, smell, perception, do not know questions can be asked in time, the teacher will seriously answer, until the students complete the master, and finally there will be a share, this is the most characteristic part of the Lily Yoga training series, each sharing has witnessed each other's growth, will become our most precious The memories of...