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Jackie Chan is among the top 10 stars whose gaffes have sparked public outrage

2018-02-23 01:36:00

As the saying goes, "from the mouth, the disease from the mouth", you can see how important it is for a person to take care of his mouth. Public figures should be careful in their words and actions and set an example. Especially in the "cusp" of the entertainment industry stars, shoulder more responsibilities than ordinary people. Do not say those "ignorant remarks", that is, the ordinary people's mouth is normal but "parents", occasionally slip up, but also let the stars into "tragedy". Because an inattentive said the wrong thing, it is very likely to be used as a target to criticize, ultimately affecting their own image, hurt the hearts of the masses. Here we take a look at the top 10 celebrities whose gaffes have sparked outrage in the entertainment industry.

Jackie Chan is among the top 10 stars whose gaffes have sparked public outrage

1, Jackie Chan recently, Jackie Chan's new film was released in North America, he personally went to the United States to promote, accepting an interview with foreign media, did not expect to gaffe. When the reporter asked about US-China relations, Jackie Chan intended to say that he liked to see the feeling of the world working together, but did not expect to say it too quickly, he said: "I want to see some countries, there is a big tsunami or a big earthquake disaster", he also said: "If there is no tsunami no earthquake, we have nothing to do, will quarrel", this words, and caused an uproar, netizens have asked him to apologize.


2, Gjiao in October 2011, on behalf of the Twins to participate in the "11th global Chinese list awards ceremony", was asked recently many female artists flash marriage, whether there are plans, Gjiao actually said: "I will not, these flash marriage is not my age, is the old artist." Although it was immediately changed to "a more mature artist", it still attracted netizens' abuse: "Is her brain weak again?" Big sigh she is still "good day so silly".


3, Rainie Yang was named "lovely leader" Rainie Yang participated in the "I guess I guess I guess" program broadcast on July 12, 2003, because I do not know how many years the war of resistance against Japan played, exposed "(Anti-Japanese War) only 8 years oh!" He was banned from the mainland for years because of his comments. In May 2006, Rainie Yang defended his remarks, and since then Rainie Yang has been lifted from the ban, and in the face of the earlier incident, she has repeatedly expressed hope that everyone can forgive her ignorance at the time. You can see the deep regret in her words this time.


4, Jang Nara November 2009, South Korean singer Jang Nara recently in a South Korean talk show, bluntly "every time I am tight production costs come to China to perform", this statement immediately caused an uproar. Many angry netizens believe that Zhang Nara treats the Chinese market as a "purse" rather than paying attention to fans, and some netizens even suggest that she return to South Korea to develop. Some netizens believe that Zhang Nala's comments are clearly discriminating against the Chinese market. In addition to someone proposing to ban Zhang Nala, some netizens joked: "Zhang Nala, your father called you back to South Korea for development."


5, Meng Guangmei's gaffe may not be considered a gaffe, because she made too many mistakes. Describe the mainland toilet experience: "I went to see, there are rows of ditches, stretching for a kilometer, hundreds of white buttocks in a row, but also one after another, two people face to face can also chat... Many toilets in the mainland don't have doors, and even if they do, most mainlanders don't close them!" This is called... Serve the people "Meng Guangmei paid a heavy price for his irresponsible words: millions of netizens denounced Meng Guangmei's" vilification of the mainland "and" forgetting the ancestors "on the Internet;


6, Li Yong "saw you dance, I will have nightmares at night", this is Yong brother's "famous quote". In the "Dream of China" audition in 2006, Li Yong used a "bad comment" to cry at the middle-aged woman participating in the competition, which also won him the "reputation" of the "bitter tongue" judges, and at the same time, his humor and honesty became vicious and mean overnight. For a time, everyone on the Internet was "chanting" to remove him from the list of "Dream" judges. In the face of such momentum, Yongge, who has always been "tough", had to apologize publicly in a dialogue program and said that he would pay attention to his words and deeds in the future.


7, small guest host Zhao Danjun presided over the special program "small" recording, and his wife Shen Chunyang came to the scene a short duet, two people played, the audience applause, the host Zhao Danjun to talk, the result of a small joke he often said on the stage, "smelly and shameful." Gas ran Zhao Danjun on the spot, and asked for a small apology on the spot.


8, Huang Zihua host Huang Zihua in the Hong Kong entertainment circle is famous for "big mouth", in an award ceremony, although the organizing committee repeatedly told not to talk, but he still can not change the old problem. He looked at his partner Zhu Yin and joked: Miss Zhu, is your Zhu a sow's pig? She was so angry that she put on a smile. Then he asked: Who is the best action award today? Suddenly, "snap" a sound, Zhu Yin unexpectedly gave Huang Zihua on the spot a slap in the face, she also smiled and said: This is the action award, of course, to give you a slap first.


9, Lu Liping, Sun Haiying Sun Haiying has always been known for sharp remarks, interviewed on the program has a spirit of not surprisingly dead, and even was once considered to be a way of his self-hype. Lu Liping also publicly said, "What he does is from the heart, and the misreading of the outside world makes Sun Haiying a little helpless." However, in June 2009, Lu Liping added fuel to forwarded an "anti-gay" log, which aroused the public to attack it, and some entertainers also expressed different opinions on their remarks.


10, MEL Gibson is also an old man in his 50s, the same is always a film star with the image of a tough man on the screen, the same is a drunken gaffe, the American film star MEL Gibson made the same mistake with Jackie Chan. In the early hours of July 28, 2006, Gibson was arrested by a patrol officer on the Malibu Waterfront Highway in Los Angeles while driving a Lexus sports car while intoxicated and speeding. After his arrest, an emotional MEL Gibson began to curse Jews: "The Jews are responsible for all the wars in the world." He then defiantly asked the arresting officer, "Are you Jewish?"