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Japan Tourist visa for Japan Travel?

2018-04-07 22:24:50

Japan is an island nation located off the east coast of the Asian continent. West, north, the Yellow Sea, the Sea of Japan, the Sea of Okhotsk and China, North Korea, South Korea, Russia face each other, east of the ocean. The territory consists of the four large islands of Dao, Honshu, Four countries, Kyushu and more than 3,900 small islands, which practices a constitutional monarchy and is known as the "Land of the Sunrise". Since the late 1960s, Japan has been recognized as the world's second largest capitalist economic power, ranking third in scientific research and development capacity, and is also the world's fourth largest exporter and fourth largest importer. Japan belongs to the developed countries, the people have a high quality of life, per capita GNP of more than 40,000 US dollars, ranking in the forefront of the world, is the world's most developed economy and one of the highest standard of living countries.

Japan tourist visa application

Country: Japan


Visa type: Tourist visa


Validity: 3 months


Duration of stay: 15 days


Working days: 7-9 days


Interview or not: No interview required


Field division: Guangdong, Guangxi, Fujian, Qiong four provinces for acceptance, Shanghai, Zhejiang, Su for acceptance of other for acceptance.


Basic personal data


1. The last page of the passport needs to be signed by the holder; The validity period must be at least six months or more (from the date of application, the expiration time of the passport must be at least six months or more); Passport with at least 2 blank visa pages for use; All old passports must be provided if available.


2. Photos 2 two-inch (3.5cm×4.5cm) photos on white or blue background taken within the last 6 months.


3, copy of the front and back of the ID card, the content must be clear.


4. Please provide a copy of each page of all members in the household register where I am located. For collective accounts, provide the home page and my page.


5, the personal data form (Japan tourism entry application) please fill in each content carefully in block letters, the authenticity and integrity of this information will directly affect the visa result.


6, personal information processing consent.


Unit data


(1) The original certificate of employment should be printed in Chinese and each certificate can only guarantee one applicant (1) printed on pad paper with address, fax and other information (2) the content should be: a, the applicant's passport, date of birth, position and salary; b, holiday time, purpose and itinerary; c, ensure that the applicant will comply with the destination law and return to China on time. (3) Stamp the official seal and signature after printing.


2, the unit qualification certificate, the copy of the unit business license or the copy of the organization code certificate and the official seal of the unit.


Foreign invitation information Japanese travel agency reception letter, invitation letter, delay in booking form and other information


Certificate of personal assets


1, nearly half of the current statement bank deposit certificate of more than 30,000, or the balance of more than 50,000 current account records.


2. Auxiliary assets Retirees: Unemployed adults who show proof of pension or other daily income: Married: proof of work or proof of spouse's income (see: employed) + Notarial marriage certificate certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs... Unmarried persons: Other proof of daily income Minors present proof of employment and income of their parents/legal guardians (see: employed persons) + notarial marriage certificate certified by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs


3. Other information of assets 1 transaction record of current passbook or real estate certificate, copy of motor vehicle registration certificate, bank statement (original), which must have the account name and account number and be stamped with bank seal


Special population


1. If the applicant is a retiree, the original, photocopy and English translation of the retirement certificate should be submitted.


2. Students in school 1. The original certificate of leave approval from the school should be presented. 1. Print on the regular letterhead paper of the school. 2. The leave letter should include the name of the school, the student's department or class, the time of travel, the signature of the department leader or principal, and a fax indicating that the applicant should return to school on time to continue his/her studies. 2. Original and photocopy of student ID card 3. If the scholar studying abroad cannot provide vacation certificate, he/she needs to provide more copies of the school transcript and study visa and write a letter of explanation Applicable to:,, (Hold the residence permit of the above provinces)

Japan Honshu 6 day classic tour

The first day of Hong Kong Osaka Day gather at Shekou Ferry Terminal at designated time. After the departure procedures are handled by our professional tour leader, take a luxury jet to Osaka, Japan, and enjoy the world's first "artificial island" built in the way of 24-hour take-off and landing "Kansai International Airport". Refresh yourself that night and prepare for a pleasant journey the next day.


The next day, after a wine breakfast in Urajun, Kyoto, Osaka, take a bus (about 1 hour) to visit Osaka Castle Park (about 40 minutes), the first of Japan's three cities. The existing Osaka Castle was rebuilt by private funds in 1931. The city wall is surrounded by a moat, and there are beautiful gardens and pavilions nearby. Then go to Shinsaibashi shopping area and Dotonbori (stay about 1 hour), where many boutique houses and specialty stores are concentrated, bustling from morning to night, full of citizens and tourists. Shinsaiqiao was developed from the Shinsaiqiao shopping street with arcade facilities. Then head to Dotonbori, a bustling neighborhood along the Dotonbori River. Is the most prosperous commercial street in Osaka, famous high-end department stores, fashion streets, famous restaurants, are concentrated here, traffic, street people like weaving. After lunch, you can take the bullet train (at your own expense: 15 minutes by car, one stop in Osaka-Kyoto), if you do not take the train, you can take a special bus (about 1 hour by car) to Kyoto, and visit the historic Jingu after arrival (stay about 30 minutes), which is one of the must-visit spots in Kyoto. Visit the No. 1 spot in Japan for viewing red leaves - Tsuyoshi Bridge (stay about 30 minutes), a scenic spot in western Kyoto City, Japan. Since the dynasty, the Japanese have used this area as a playground for suburban outing, boating and splashing. Cross moon Bridge near pleasant scenery, green water, material pavilion red light, visitors like weaving. Drive to Nagoya, check in for wine after dinner.


Day 3 Nagoya Fuji Mountain Wine breakfast, take a special bus to the Fuji area to visit the park, the park planted with many flowers, against the distance of Mount Fuji, especially enchanting. View the Sakira and enjoy the picturesque view of Mount Fuji (stay about 30 minutes). Go to Mount Fuji Gochime (subject to weather and traffic permit), Mount Fuji is 3776 meters above sea level is the highest peak in Japan, magnificent, cone-shaped mountain posture is very beautiful, it is a symbol of Japan, famous all over the world. (Stay about 30 minutes). Then go to Shino Hachikai (stay about 30 minutes), which is located between Yamanaka lake and lake, Hachikai means eight ponds, they are designated as the Shino area of the National Natural Scenic Area, Mount Fuji snow water filtered through the formation into clear spring water, and then from the eight places of Shino, the average water temperature is about 13 degrees Celsius, the water quality is crisp and sweet. In 1985, he was selected as one of the "Top 100 Japanese Water Names". Visit the Lake Red Leaf Corridor: The lake is one of the five Fuji Lakes, from which you can enjoy the beautiful reflection of Mount Fuji. There are about 500 maple trees by the lake, and the abundance of red leaves in autumn constitutes a unique scenic spot headed by the "Red Leaf Corridor". Red, yellow embellishment of the lake makes the lake more charming charm, the lake and the red leaves set off each other to form a beautiful scenery, from the mountains to the lake, the intoxicating red leaves step by step, it is dazzling! (Stay about 30 minutes). After that, stay in wine and enjoy Japanese style.


Day 4 Fuji Mountain Tokyo Wine Breakfast followed by a 30-minute stay at Nijongbashi, the former castle of the Tokugawa Shogunate and now the official residence of the Emperor of Japan. The two Bridges in the outer court of the Imperial Palace, one is the "Iron bridge" and the other is the stone bridge called the "Glasses Bridge", which is a famous landmark in Tokyo. Visit Ginza, Tokyo, the golden place of Japan, where you can visit Colorful Toy Store, BURBERRY fashion, HELLO KITTY and Shiseido Cosmetics (stay about 1 hour). Then take the Tokyo Bay Cruise (including ferry ticket) to enjoy the beautiful scenery of Tokyo Bay, overlooking the Rainbow Bridge and Tokyo Tower on the cruise (about 10 minutes by boat). Then visit the Toyota Motor Hall to see the latest Toyota concept car (stay about 40 minutes). Akihabara Yongshan Electrical appliances, animation street: famous electrical appliances street, animation street, in this free sightseeing shopping, often go to Akihabara, many of the people are anime fans. In Akihabara, a growing number of businesses are selling fan magazines of popular animation writers who are hard to get hold of. There are also more vendors selling fortune-telling cards, small groceries, toys, handcrafts and models (staying for about an hour). Head to Shinjuku, visit Kabukicho and experience Tokyo nightlife (stay about 30 minutes). After check-in wine. Wine will be returned after dinner.


Day 5 Tokyo - Nikko - Tokyo Wine Breakfast After that, drive to Nikko: Located in the foothills of the Nyonami Mountain in western Tochigi Prefecture, the "Menmachi", a pre-temple business district of Niarayama Shrine, Higashi Teru Palace, and Reno-ji Temple, has gradually developed and flourished. Nikko's Buddhist temples, famous in Japan for their exquisite sculptures and spectacular autumn views, are less than two hours away from the claustrophobic metropolis of Tokyo! Upon arrival, proceed to the [Temple of the Sun] inscribed on the World Heritage list: Two societies and one Temple. Nikko Tokusu Palace is a shrine dedicated to Tokugawa Ieyasu, the last shogunate of Japan, the Edo Shogunate. It was built in 1617 in Nikko City, Tochigi Prefecture, Japan. Later, by the grandson of Iyasu, the third generation of general Tokugawa Iemitsu carried out large-scale reconstruction, only to form the luxury and exquisite style seen today. Its open doors, with their lavish carvings and brilliant colors, are breathtaking. In addition, the sculpture of three apes on the Shen Stall and the sculpture of a sleeping cat on the Tang Gate are very famous works of art. All of the buildings have been designated as national treasures and important cultural properties of Japan, including Nikko Toshitsu Palace in December 1999, "Nikko's Soji Temple" has been registered as a World Heritage site. Built in 766 and expanded during the Kamakura period from the 12th to the 14th centuries, Rannoji is worth seeing for its distinctive three Buddha halls, the Great Gormo Hall with its beautifully painted Seung Dragon, and the Treasure Hall. Two arayama Shrine is said to be very effective, can help recruit happiness, friendship; Before there is a couple tree and parent-child tree, legend can help husband and wife feelings and parent-child relationship. Facing the left rear of the shrine is the "two Arakan spirit spring", the spring is clear, local legend that after drinking can be sheltered, rejuvenated, and then by car back to Tokyo, after dinner, check in to the wine.


Day 6 Tokyo Hong Kong Wine Breakfast, take the wine bus to Tokyo Narita International Airport, with the professional leader to help handle the departure procedures, take the international flight back to Hong Kong, the airport to disperse the group, the end of this pleasant and memorable Yamato style trip. This is the end of this wonderful trip to Japan, I wish you a pleasant trip!