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Japan visa process

2018-04-07 16:00:11

Here, I would like to share with you the process of Japan visa, I hope it will be helpful to you.


You need a hukou in Jiangsu, Zhejiang and Shanghai to apply at the consulate.


The purpose of going to Japan, the number of days, the specific itinerary to go to Japan should be clear. (Maximum stay of 15 days per three-month period, valid for 3 months. Multiple stays of up to 90 days for three years)


The annual salary needs to be more than 100,000, it is best to provide tax payment certificate. (If you want to handle multiple trips for three years, you need an annual salary of more than 250,000 yuan, you must provide proof of tax payment, and the first time you need to stay in Miyagi, Yonmoro, and Fukushima for one night.)


Whether the entry and exit records are good and whether there is a stay record should be informed in detail.


Recently, the Japanese consulate has tightened, requiring travel agencies to book wine tickets, the best time is 20 days in advance, and tell us the itinerary and wine requirements, we will help you order wine and air tickets according to your needs.


If the above conditions are met, give us your email and we will give you the materials. (Required materials include visa application (handwritten, not filled in wine, not filled on the reverse side, will not be empty, finally signed, printed on one), personal information processing consent on the left computer name, signature on the right side, passport, 2 inches of white background 2 photos, original certificate of employment (annual income of more than 100,000) ID card, household register, business license, real estate, etc. The car manufacturer shall provide the photocopy, the original signature of the hotel check-in certificate, the visa agreement, the guarantee letter (and the guarantee or personal proof), etc


Among them, real estate certificate, ID card, business license, car production, etc., only need a copy. Original passport, photo and employment certificate are required.


When the materials are ready, you can email them to us, or you can come to our office for processing.


We need to submit the materials for ordering wine to us 20 days in advance, and the visa usually takes 10 days to issue.


After the visa comes down, we will notify you by SMS, you can go to our office to get your visa.


Pay when you get the visa.