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Kaisa Financial meets you for a happiness mini marathon

2018-04-10 09:36:03

Kaisa Financial Services joins hands with you to meet the happiness mini marathon - stop. The event time is the morning of October 15th, 10KM time trial, the event mode is men and women pairs time race system, the fee is 66 yuan/group, all Kaisa gold users or new registered users, can receive enhanced sports equipment pack. Here you and TA have become the king & queen of running, not you are a couple, friends or colleagues, each pair of men and women can use the "happiness" way to show the infinite possibilities in the event, please start with TA, work together to complete 10K, after the game will get your results. Event prize money:






Enter the official website of Kaisa Financial Services, and click the Banner image of the home page, as shown in the picture below. Click to enter:


Then we came to the activity page, the page has detailed activities, as shown in the picture below:


This page is taken from experience without authorization


After clicking "I want", we will come to our activity confirmation, waiver and liability waiver agreement, if you agree and participate in our activity, then you can click "I agree" as shown in the picture below, and then you will come to fill in the information confirmation page:


Fill in the relevant information as shown in the picture below, confirm and pay the relevant fee to participate in our mini marathon:

Matters needing attention

Pay attention to the time of the event to avoid missing the game