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King Glory Cao Cao skill how to use

2018-04-11 20:48:39

Cao Cao's positioning is a fighter, his skill set control, deceleration, displacement, blood in one, is a can fight can chase can run a comprehensive hero, very suitable for the operation of the player's high requirements for practice use, but also the player's impact on the peak of the king of the sharp weapon, the following will be a detailed introduction to Cao Cao's skills.


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The first is that Cao Cao's passive skill is "hegemony" (see the red box below), and the increase of Cao Cao is that whenever Cao Cao uses the active skill, it will increase its attack speed by 10%, up to 50%, for 3 seconds. This passive skill determines that Cao Cao does not need to attack speed suit, only the reasonable use of active skills can make Cao Cao have a high attack speed.


Next, Cao Cao's first skill is the "Sword of Overpower" (see the red box below), this skill can make Cao Cao move a distance in the direction, and deal damage to the enemy in the moving path, the more powerful is that this skill can be released 3 times in a short period of time (similar to the Q skill of Reven in League of Legends), the last release will hit the place. Cao Cao's 1 skill can be released three times in a row to form a relatively long displacement and continuous damage, which can be used to chase the enemy or escape; You can also add A flat Ace in the middle of each release to increase the damage caused, similar to Raven's QA combo in League of Legends; Of course, this skill can also be used to walk through the wall, the release skill is to first shift the displacement direction towards the direction you want to reach, and then click 1 skill.


Then there is Cao Cao's 2 skill called "Cross the World" (see the red box below), which causes Cao Cao to swing a sword in the specified direction to deal physical damage and briefly slow down the hit enemy, and reduces the cooldown of 2 skills by 1 second whenever Cao Cao's normal attack hits the enemy. Cao Cao's 2 skills mainly play a role in slowing down the enemy, of course, it can also be used to supplement the damage and harvest the enemy's head when the enemy's residual blood is about to escape, after all, this is the main remote skills of Cao Cao, here it is about the use of 2 skills and 1 skills: To kill the enemy, you can first release the 2 ability to slow down the enemy, and then use the 3 displacements of the 1 skill to level A to inflict maximum damage on the enemy; When you want to escape, you can also release 2 skills to slow down the enemy, and then use 3 displacements of 1 skills to stay away from the enemy or escape through the wall.


Next, Cao Cao's 3 skill is "Blood Hero" (see the red box below), this skill enables Cao Cao to inflict physical damage on nearby enemies, and greatly increase his attack power by 80 and 20% toughness effect, each attack or skill hit the enemy will restore their health points, lasting 8 seconds. Cao Cao's 3 skills is a big move is a very powerful skill, the main role is to drink blood to restore their own health, after opening the big move will enhance Cao Cao's attack force and resistance, can also be opened when the enemy's residual blood is about to flee to achieve the purpose of remote kill the enemy side, here to say 3 skills and 1,2 skills combined move use: For single fight, first use 2 skills to slow down the enemy, then use 1 skills to get close to the enemy, and then open 3 skills to fight against the enemy hero, this process should make full use of ordinary attacks and frequent release of skills to achieve the purpose of maximizing damage and bloodsucking; For large-scale group warfare, first open 3 skills to gain resistance and bloodsucking properties, and then use 1 skill to approach the enemy back row and hit continuous damage, and finally you can use 2 skills to collect heads. For the use of the big move, you can also open it when your own blood is insufficient and you do not want to go home to supplement your own blood to achieve the purpose of continuous play.


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