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Knotting method tutorial

2018-03-14 09:36:46

We often need to use rope to tie something in our daily life, but today's young people are basically not good at tying ropes, or they are tying knots. How to tie a slipknot? How do I tie a rope? How to tie the rope better? Here is a very simple and beautiful rope knot method to share with you, a few simple steps can be done.


A rope


First, we smooth the prepared rope and then fold it in half.


Then wrap the middle part of the rope twice.


Then fold the middle of the rope in half.


Then grab the rope shown in the image below and pass through the ring made in the previous step.


Finally, straighten the rope.


So you have a nice slipknot.

Sum up

We'll smooth the rope, fold it in half and then double the middle part of the rope and then fold the middle part of the rope in half and then grab the rope as shown in the picture below, through the ring made in the previous step and finally pull the rope straight so that you have a nice slipknot

Matters needing attention

The operation may not be successful at first, and you need to practice it several times.