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Korea Lotte online shopping guide will not look at Korean

2018-03-13 08:00:54

Although the "sea Amoy" collection and delivery cycle is relatively long, it still can not stop the pace of Internet users in the pursuit of genuine goods. I believe that many female friends have bought cosmetics, fashion clothing, household appliances, food, baby products and so on on the Lotte Online shopping website or the Lotte online shopping APP. From high-end to low-end, from luxury to affordable, you can get the most IN the season as long as you move your fingers. So what is the most cost-effective it, the following to share my sea Amoy guide for your reference. I hope we can find the best value products.


After registering and verifying the email address, we can start shopping online. We want to buy Nabizam diapers. We can enter "Nabizam" in the search bar on the homepage of the website to search, and then we will find the authentic products we need.


We bought the first "Nabizam diaper 3 pack" and entered the product page, the price is 255 yuan, 40,800 won. As shown in the picture, 소형3팩, 중형3팩, 대형3팩 the three options mean small size, medium size and large size. I select the medium size, that is, 중형3팩, and click "buy now".


Enter the page of "Postage", choosing EMS will be much cheaper than DHL, so I choose EMS here and choose my own country, china. Now it shows that the EMS shipping fee (Your international shipping fee) is 24,000 won. The following is a lot of English is to explain the weight of the shipment of goods and other issues, basically do not use.


Click "Continue Checkout" to enter the order submission page. 1. The catalog menu of TTEM purchased items; 2. Discount method means discounts and offers; 3.shipping information means shipping address and information. 4. payment method is the payment method, which supports visa card and we can choose. Then global shipping fee is the calculation standard of postage. Please fill in the receiving information, and then you can submit the order. Now our total order fee is 64,800 won. If you confirm that there is no problem, you can place your order. And then wait for the delivery. Tips: The delivery generally takes 2 to 3 weeks, anxious friends need to be carefully considered, but do not worry about the problem of fake goods on this website, basically the sale of Korean local brands and foreign well-known brands. I generally buy diapers a month in advance, and buy a dozen bags at once, which is the kind of stock.

Matters needing attention

It is cheaper to choose ems for postage


It will take 2-3 weeks to arrive