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[League of Legends S8 Battle Report] This player is not ordinary

2018-02-22 01:36:00

This player is not the average Golden lion Zeyzal to help C9 into the top 8


On October 14, the group stage of the S8 global Finals has been carried out for the fifth day, and the first round of the group stage has gradually drawn down, bearing the brunt of the so-called Group B of death! It can be said that the Group B competition let us once again realize that in the world championship, you can not underestimate any team! Every one of them can do wonders.


First of all, in the group B match yesterday, what surprised us was not only that the VIT team defeated the LPL No. 1 seed team RNG team, which had been the first in the group before, but also that the king of the Korean bubble game was directly returned to his hometown after 35 minutes of fighting with the last world champion GEN.G. There are C9 team from the previous record of 1-2 straight win three games to become the existence of the first place with RNG, and in the last game, it is almost the group first title from RNG head off, and all of this, and this old team C9 auxiliary Zeyzal has an inseparable relationship.


I believe there are a lot of viewers more impressed, after all, although only 18 years old, but the face of the beard is how people can not ignore him, but what is Zeyzal, from the C9 official introduction, he is the C9 team has just become an auxiliary player in the home team this year. In the previous Hanbok ranking, Zeyzal used to hook his opponent as "mentally retarded" in Hanbok with a single-handed CD hammer stone and the active C9 underpass ADC Sneaky, which can be said to be a talented auxiliary player. In the knockout match against GMB, Zeyzal's CD Hammer stone also showed us that he is very tough.


In a crucial group battle in the third match, Zeyzal's Hammerstone sealed the victory with an unerring three queens. Even LPL explains that Umbrella says such hammerstones are indeed worthy of a Ban for GMB. And in yesterday's game, this sentence can be said not only limited to GMB team, for any team, Zeyzal's hammer stone is a point that needs to be paid attention to, in the life and death of RNG, C9 disgusting not only in the single Kieran's big move resurrection, there are hammer stone's unexpected hook and a lantern thousands of miles away. These two skills frequently cause a lot of trouble for RNG.


And as an excellent assistant, although only 18 years old, young Zeyzal is also very clear about the positioning of the assistant. At the World Championships Zeyzal rushed to show the world his understanding of the auxiliary team. Especially in the final decider between C9 and GMB in the Tai Long Group Battle. Zeyzal's old bull, in the case of determining that GMB has no vision, uses Hex flash and WQ a wave of spiritual opening group, which directly blocks GMB's path to the World group stage.


The World Championship used to be a stage for many legendary players to become famous in the world. Although the auxiliary position is not a particularly prominent position, an excellent auxiliary position is a position that can influence the game in the critical period, and I believe that Zeyzal is such an excellent auxiliary position. DOTA2-LOL-CSGO- King of Glory Many tournament predictions in Lei Sports