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Let me introduce you to some interesting places in the city

2018-03-12 08:00:37

This northwest capital city, many people say that in addition to beef ramen, as if there is nothing else, in fact, you are wrong, this place is still a lot of scenic spots, today I will introduce you to the city scenery, of course, the surrounding scenic spots are still a lot, so today I mainly introduce the city, and then I will introduce the surrounding scenery. You take the mood, I take the guideline, we set out together.





First of all, I want to introduce Wuquan Mountain and, here is located in Wuquan Mountain Park, the road to here is very convenient, the bus can pull you down the gate of Wuquan Mountain Park, the mosque on the top of the mountain, the farmhouse is a good place for many people to play, and there are various amusement venues on the mountain, zoos, haunted houses are here, the summer top is definitely a good place for summer, pleasant climate, beautiful scenery, The fountain design at the top of the hill is also very beautiful.


If you are a young man of poetic and literary temperament, I suggest you come, the mountain is very beautiful, every spring when the peach blossom is in full bloom, the scenery is beautiful, and play here is free, the top of the mountain is a good place for many young lovers to chat, and after the mountain can go to the botanical garden to play, the botanical garden is also very beautiful.


The third thing I want to introduce is the mountain, the mountain is located on the edge of the Yellow River, the temple on the top of the mountain is very worth going to, it is also a good place for many people to go out in spring every year, the top of the mountain is very long, and there are roads, a variety of scenery, and the sunset at the top of the mountain is very good, because you can almost see some places here, and it is also a place where many photography enthusiasts come.


The fourth I want to introduce is a bridge, the bridge is located in the Xiguan cross, across the Yellow River, and now do not let the car go, all the Bridges are the paradise of tourists, and the night scenery here is very beautiful, the night bridge has a kind of movie hazy beauty, but also a lot of young people fall in love, because on the Yellow River, there are all kinds of scenery, is called, You look at the view from the bridge and the people look at you from upstairs.


The fifth thing I want to say is that our school back hill dog hill, picking strawberries on the dog hill, Saturday and Sunday school people will enjoy the scenery here, the above farmhouse is also very cheap, and the foot of the school is the thick street, the street snacks are very famous, back hill is also a lot of bicycle enthusiasts often come to the place, here the mountain road is very suitable for bicycle enthusiasts to challenge.