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Li Bai's story of giving gold and returning it

2018-05-14 04:48:45

Since Li Bai entered the government, he had been writing fun poems for Xuanzong and Yang Guifei all day long, but his own political ambition had not been realized, so a kind of compassion was revealed in his works. In the autumn of the second year of Tianbao, Li Bai wrote many poems expressing sorrow and disappointment, such as "Jade Terrace Complaint" and "Complaining Song Line", which angered Emperor Xuanzong, and in the spring of the following year, he was forced to leave the city and was "given gold and released" by Emperor Xuanzong. The New Book of Tang states that the reason why Li Bai was expelled from the throne was that Yang Guifei repeatedly blocked him, which is indeed a bit far-fetched. Because Li Bai was just a literati who was good at writing poetry, Yang Guifei had no need to make trouble with him, and Emperor Xuanzong respected Li Bai very much at the beginning. At that time, in addition to honoring the imperial Academy and accompanying the king, Li Bai often strolled the streets. He found imperious eunuchs and arrogant relatives hanging over him like a dark cloud, and Li Bai was not pleased. With Li Bai's personality, he would not settle for the position of imperial servant in Hanlin in any case, settling for such a role as waiting for literati. He wanted to become a veritable prime minister, display their talents, let Xuanzong sit up and take notice. However, such a position as the Imperial Imperial servant could not be realized, but in the heart of the Emperor Xuanzong, Li Bai was only worshipped as a poet of literary and ink, which is the secret of Li Bai. Reference source: Encyclopedia - Li Bai