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Li Zhenping; 20 years of operating experience in garment industry

2018-01-10 08:00:00

20 years of experience in the garment industry, from design, vertical cutting, CAD plate making, production management, brand planning, marketing, e-commerce comprehensive management, professional experience in 10 well-known brand enterprises, from high-grade fur, dress, cheongsam, suits, underwear, children's wear, from 2000 large listed, to entrepreneurial enterprises, has rich experience, theory from normal university clothing design and engineering, To the School of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University fashion design and brand operation, further study of the School of Economics and Science e-commerce, systematic theory, rich experience, would like to share with you.


Positioning, according to their own funds, positioning to go high-grade, mid-range, or bottom line, do what kind of clothing can make money, high-grade early capital investment


Market research, do women's wear, men's wear, children's wear, make tops, pants, down jackets or underwear, choose a good category. The clothing market has been segmented


There are workers, but their own design and development, do OEM processing, must have their own marketing channels, do not understand marketing, or open a processing,


Do the above positioning, first find a favorite, brand category, such as children at home can consider doing children's wear, the wife dressed more tasteful, can also do women's wear, imitate first, and then innovation, at the beginning do not work behind closed doors, their favorite customers do not necessarily like, others sell well must have a good place, we can add creativity, but do not gild the lily.


This information comes from experience


Find channels, now you can choose e-commerce, more money can choose, less money can be done first, or own a, but to understand the operation, now e-commerce is also very professional, in the investment of 1 million can also, less bad to do, this year in the cost is very high, especially the promotion fee, you do not promote no one knows, the first half of the year is almost difficult to make money, do not lose on the line.

Matters needing attention

Attention, be sure to do what you can, do not blindly seek big, clothing fixed capital investment is not much, liquidity is large,