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LOL League of Legends redo the knife sister blade dancer rune out of the installation and play method guide

2018-05-04 12:48:18

LOL League of Heroes redo knife sister Alilia can be said to be on the road, of course, limited to the hero of the deep experience of the player. How to play the Blade dancer hero? What's the trick? The introduction is as follows:


Blade dancer

Rune selection

Runes choose precision as the main system, choose conqueror, why choose conqueror? Because the knife sister needs Q soldiers to stack passive layers, about four seconds or so can just break into the enemy hero, with the effect of 20% real damage transformation, play high damage.


Small talent in fact, do not need to care too much, you can use according to the following, you can also make appropriate modifications.


Secondary runes are resolute and provide basic toughness.

Outgoing selection

The above is the standard, and the offensive equipment below can be most effective when the wind is downwind.

Tandem skill

E skill placed behind the position, you can hide the opponent's field of view, surprise two stages caused vertigo, after the Q skill to advance.


When playing in a group, give priority to cutting the back row, especially the bloody hero, using a big move or Q kill to continue to the next brittle hero, complete the harvest.

Matters needing attention

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