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Love and Career (Life)

2018-05-05 00:00:04

Night, deep. It was quiet in the stairs. I leaned against the window alone, staring at the dark night sky with a thousand thoughts...... 'Flick of a finger' I have been part of the adult, in the future there will be more sweet and bitter waiting for me to face! This requires me to bear in spirit, to understand in thought, and to face emotionally.


I've been in love before, and love is nothing. Why everyone seems to love is sacred, indeed, love is sacred, and he is next to the word "mother" after the most beautiful word, but the real love is based on a certain sense, the real meaning of "love" how many people know that it is only those highly learned, mature in the field of thought in the field of writers, their understanding of love, Written in beautiful language, they use countless things as metaphors to express the legend of love. We saw, envy, also want to have a love experience. Close, to pursue those who do not know. Only feel that they like those people, in their eyes, think that every day every message, every look at him or her, are waiting for love, but you are wrong...


Life road, long, because it is difficult to walk; Short, because time hurry; What are we after in life? Maybe no one has thought, is love. Happiness or career? Close your eyes, calm your mind, be sure to calm your mind, and think.....


Love is sweet, is the reliance of two people's hearts, in my opinion, young love is romantic, is pure, but this is a flash in the pan, don't always say 'don't care about forever, only care about once', love is to take material to maintain, knowledge is not, career is not, what do you take to pursue love? At least... Have a goal in mind is OK, don't always say love you; Like you; I give you my heart. Don't be silly. We have to live in reality. Pursue love, get others and how can? Is it still like the pursuit, accompany him shopping. Take a walk. Hold hands.... No, it can't be! Two people have made a family, and it is a family! A home that sustains itself with matter! When you were young, you pursued love everywhere, you got the happiness of the heart, but the love after the age is not enough to fill the stomach!


Career in our life is still very important, with their own career, it is equal to have a bowl of iron, for their own to find a dream, while the strength of youth, hard work! When you have your own career, you are afraid of not pursuing love, even at that time, you will cherish love more and understand its meaning more.