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Mac Where to download software

2018-02-21 16:00:00

The current Mac system, like the Apple iPhone we use, can also download applications through the App Store app. Of course, in addition to the App Store, you can also download the software on the official website. The following describes how to download software on a Mac.


Mac OS

Method 1: Download the software from the App Store

To start with the simplest, open the App Store on your Mac, as shown in the figure below


In a display similar to the one on the iPhone, you can select or search for apps you want to download, as shown in the figure


Here to download a free software as an example, in the free ranking click to install a pentoku software, as shown in the figure


In the same way as downloading software on the iPhone, we will be asked to enter an Apple ID and password, as shown in the figure: If you do not have your own Apple ID, please refer to this tutorial on how to register an account:


You can then see the software being downloaded in the Launchpad panel on your system, as shown in the figure


After the download is complete, you can use the application.

Method 2: Download the software from the official website

In addition to publishing their apps to Apple's App Store, many apps also put them on their download page. The software can be downloaded by visiting the official website download page.


Of course, the software you download on the Internet needs to be installed, and the software downloaded from the App Store can be automatically installed.

Method 3: Application providers of third-party software

In addition to the above two methods, there are some third-party software also launched software downloads. The following is thunder in the software vendor screenshot, you can see that there are a lot of current commonly used some software.


In addition, Tencent's Mac version of the computer can also provide the corresponding software provider, you can download software on it.

Sum up

To summarize the three ways to download software on the Mac, the App Store requires an Apple ID, while the other two methods do not require an Apple ID. So sometimes when you download software, you can combine three methods to download it.