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Mazda M-gear driving tips

2018-02-22 20:48:00

Mazda's car control is very good, the chassis is solid, driving is very comfortable, a good model, today on the M-block driving some experience to share.


Today's Mazda models are mostly automatic transmission, manual transmission has been very few, whether FAW Mazda or Mazda, are based on the hand-integrated transmission.


The manual transmission is better, because in addition to the automatic mode, we can also use the M-gear, that is, the manual mode, like driving a manual shift to control the vehicle.


When using manual mode, it is relatively simple, we only need to pull the joystick to the right, that is, to complete the mode switch, without stepping on the brake or lifting the accelerator, and the M icon will appear on the dashboard to brighten


When using M gear, down is to increase the gear, up is to reduce the gear, and above the gear is marked with a plus sign and a minus sign. We need to note that the M mode gearshift must be carried out manually, and the gearshift computer will help us reduce according to the speed.


Generally, when we climb a hill, or need to overtake, we need to change to M gear, which can fix the vehicle gear and provide more sufficient power.


In the process of using the M mode, it is generally useful on wet roads, or when passing through waterlogged roads, to avoid some accidents caused by shifting.

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