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Mechanic full screen game this F117 B "Ice Age" how about?

2018-04-09 00:00:15

Mechanic full screen game F117 B as a collection of thin, heat dissipation, performance and a business game, it can not only easily carry, but also very strong game performance; In the previous F117-B6 evaluation has actually measured a lot of games, the first phase of the game evaluation gave you a review of "Far Cry 5", today to bring you a "Ice Age".


Before showing the actual data of the game, I first briefly explain the configuration of the F117-B, the mechanic F117-B processor is Intel 8 generation I7-8750H, the graphics card is divided into GTX1050TI and GTX1060 6G two versions; As for the detailed configuration, mainly the hard disk memory is different, you can refer to the following chart:


Mechanic F117 B full screen game book, A side using all metal material; The whole A shell is carefully processed through 36 processes such as metal drawing, bending, cutting, stamping, cnc, wire fixing and anode. The LOGO of the mechanic on the A side of the computer is a luminous LOGO, and below the LOGO are two homoshaped blue V, which is completed by cnc drilling process.


The screen frame is narrow frame design, the width of the left and right sides is 6mm; Because of the need to place cameras above the screen frame, all the widths are about 9mm. Below the B side is more conventional, because there is a screen template and screen axis below, so the width can not be reduced. At the same time, in order to protect the screen, the side of the A-side adopts 3D three-dimensional bending to wrap the entire screen frame. The screen itself also adopts F-Fit technology, and the screen frame surface has A whole circle of rubber protection.


The production process of the C shell is the same as that of the A shell, but the C shell not only sees metal on the surface, but also combines a magnesium aluminum alloy skeleton under the C shell; The combined advantage of this process is that while ensuring the light of the C shell, it also increases the hardness of the C shell. In addition to the keyboard, there are three features in the whole C side: the machenike LOGO power key, the Machenike font, and the F117 font in the lower right corner.


Mechanic F117-B full screen game is a full size RGB full color backlit mechanical keyboard - optical axis, key cap color and C shell color; The key cap is removable and replaceable, and supports customization. Full key anti-ghost technology, so that the whole keyboard full key no impact, backlight using PerKey Led technology, so that each key is an independent RGB light source; In addition, the entire keyboard backlight, adjustable mode is very much, also support custom.


The NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060 has a reasonable internal layout that makes full use of every minute of space, and the 15.6-inch computer is crammed into the 14-inch body, which indeed requires careful layout design. The entire internal structure is also clear, and the internal hardware names have been identified in the picture.


Unique design of heat dissipation, double fan 4 copper heat dissipation; If you follow the self-cutting calculation in some places, it should be 3+3=6 copper. But these are not the point, the point is that the mechanic F117-B full screen game is a 4 outlet, which is the first 4 outlet laptop I have personally seen.


Mechanic F117 B NVIDIA GeForce GTX1060 full screen game, the official introduction of the thinnest 19.9mm, the actual measurement is indeed about 20mm. The thickness I measured including the foot pad was 21.86mm at the thinnest point and 25.51mm at the end.


Machinist F117-B NVIDIA GeForceGTX 1060 machine weight is 2.013kg, plus the power weight will not exceed 2.5kg.


Ice Age is a steampunk-style survival game made by 11 Bit that the developers say focuses on "compassion and decision making" rather than "choice and management." The game is set in a dangerous world of ice and snow, where steam power has been extensively used to disperse the deadly cold from which there is nowhere to escape. Players will face tough moral dilemmas in the game, which will be heavy on strategy and business elements, but will also be an "emotionally driven" game.


The data in the above chart, for your reference, F117-B in playing "Ice Age" an actual game experience effect.


"Ice Age" is different from the games tested in the past, this game is a strategy game, so the FPS value has a relatively low impact on this game, basically 20 or 30 frames you will not feel the situation; Although it is a strategy game, the hardware demand for computers is still quite high; The first is to try the mechanic full screen game F117-B1 GTX1050Ti test, in the case of high special effects, the game frame number is only 35 to 40 frames, the CPU occupation is very low, the temperature is also very low; Video card performance to full play to occupy more than 90%, in addition to the high demand for video cards, the game is also a special memory, 8G memory directly occupies 85%, it is obvious that 8G although you can play this game, but there are still some not enough. In the game, the temperature of the CPU and GPU is not high, the CPU is only 40 ° C, the GPU is only 70 ° C, this temperature is basically the highest temperature I intercepted, and many times the temperature is actually lower.


After the F117-B1 test, I continued playing with F117-B6; The Mechanic F117-B6 is the GTX1060's graphics card, and the game frame count is definitely higher than the GTX1050TI under the same game effects (extremely high), and the F117-B6 is equipped with 16GB of memory. With the mechanic F117-B6 run the game for more than 5 hours, the game frame number is maintained at about 45~60, the CPU temperature is relatively higher to reach 69 ° C, the graphics card temperature is about 72 ° C, the mechanic F117-B6 and B1 CPU and GPU occupancy is basically the same, the CPU occupies only 13%, the graphics card occupies 98%. Because the memory is 16G, it occupies only 40%. Although F117-B6 and B1 are the same processor, but in the same game running environment, because the graphics card is different on the CPU temperature also has a great impact.


In this extreme environment, reason becomes the top priority to ensure survival. Coal is the key to keeping a city's heating system running, and food rationing is directly related to people's ability to fill their stomachs. When these two keys are in short supply, disease, death, and riots follow. Wood, steel, and energy cores are not directly related to life and death, but are closely related to urban development, improved facilities, and technological iteration. Population is not only necessary to maintain the normal operation of society, but also a burden of consumption. In this case, finding ways to improve acquisition efficiency and maintain a balance between various kinds of things becomes the key at the gameplay level.


Because the game map is in a limited area of the valley, considering that the entire city must be built around the energy core, the structure of each building can only be gradually fanned out, so there is actually only one solution in urban planning from the gradual outward expansion. With the gradual development of the city, land will become more and more scarce, and the district buildings in the central location need to be renovated, and the remote and cold points have to consider focusing on development. The role of urban planning will also become more and more obvious in this process.


The game has technology research and development, and the continuous improvement of technology and system makes the process of the game have a certain flexibility. The science and technology tree of "Ice Age" has roughly four directions: energy, exploration, and people's livelihood, and determining the research and development direction according to the objective situation and actual needs will often make the process of urban development twice the result with half the effort. Coal shearer, tree cutter and other technologies will greatly improve mining.


1, "Ice Age" is a personal feeling is a very time-consuming strategy game, from the level of game preference, I personally like it, mainly through the city construction, survival, exploration, management four sides to run, suitable for small holiday time. 2, mechanic full screen game this F117 B series, not GTX1050TI version or GTX1060 graphics card version, running "Ice Age" without any problems; Because it is a strategy game, it is very weak in the game frame number, and basically will not cause the game to be stuck because of the low frame number of the game. 3, "Ice Age" game less than 10 G, so the game on the computer hard disk does not have much demand, the F117-B series of mechanics is 256G PCI-e standard, is enough; In terms of memory, it is recommended to choose the F117-B of the 16G package, because 8G memory will directly occupy 85%, basically this proportion of occupancy, which means that the memory has exploded. And generally these kinds of games may be played with some music, web pages and so on. This game review is over, thanks for reading; We also welcome you to communicate and discuss together.