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Meizu official website mx3 has been out of stock how to do

2018-05-14 11:12:12

With the emergence of Huang Zhang, the head of Meizu, the price of Meizu mx3 plummeted by 200 yuan, becoming one of the most cost-effective. Now whether in its official website or in its subordinate monopoly is a difficult to find. So how can we successfully buy Meizu?


Computer, online banking


Open the Meizu official website home page, click "online business", we will find that the mobile version, version, contract version, exchange version and RE certificate version are out of stock.


But every morning at 10 a.m., the website will release a small amount of goods. If we want to succeed in capturing it, we need to be fully prepared.


By 9:30 am, have your online bank account ready (to receive the verification code), and if you have M-coupons, enter them at the time of payment.


Just before 10:00, keep refreshing the "online merchants" page, and wait until the gray "out of stock" icon turns into the yellow "Buy Now" immediately click, will add to the cart and then pay.


Just wait for the delivery after the payment is successful.

Matters needing attention

Generally, it will be snapped up in a few minutes at 10:00, so the speed must be fast.


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