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Mid-Autumn Festival, what gift to the leader?

2018-04-11 00:00:54

Mid-Autumn Festival, if you are worrying about what gifts to send leaders, I hope my experience can help you!


Mooncakes and wine are indispensable. Mid-Autumn Festival, sending moon cakes can not be wrong. In China, it is a tradition to give drinks on festivals. Choose the type of drink according to the leader's preference. Younger leaders can give wine.


Give warm gifts such as massagers. As a leader also want to be concerned by subordinates, the Mid-Autumn Festival to send a warm heart card is not wrong. There are many kinds of massage instruments, neck and shoulder, waist massage instrument, the price is not too high.


Send sea cucumbers and other special local products. Sending local specialties is also exquisite, not only reflected in the price. You'd better buy something, something you don't usually see. It's better to be precious. It's not good to be polite.


Send some imported products (food). People love novelty. The gift is bland and easy to forget. Send imported products, imported health care products and the like are good. You can buy through the agent, so you can be true, so as not to buy fake goods, shame.


Rosewood and other decorative crafts. Send a decoration is also a good gift, enamel, coral, rosewood are good choices. If you have concerns in terms of price, you can choose a gift with a good meaning, smooth sailing, ambitious and so on.


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