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Mobile advertising precautions

2018-04-19 00:00:34

As media consumption moves more and more to mobile, mobile advertising has emerged. The reason why mobile advertising has developed so rapidly is due to traditional media and digital media: best practices for TV, radio, and especially PC advertising have helped to shape the current situation.


Advertising targeting: The use of targeting to improve the overall effect of advertising targeting can be said to be a pioneer in the development of mobile advertising, because knowing whether consumers are at home or at work can provide advertisers with more information. However, just putting more data into AD targeting is not enough - advertisers also need to make more extreme use of mobile targeting data, processing data through intelligent algorithms and other means to identify consumer behavior, which AD formats are best for the current situation, and how environmental factors (weather) affect AD performance.


Advertising formats: Create flexible marketing campaigns With the increasing diversity of digital advertising formats in the market, the increasing complexity of the market, and the increasing CPM (cost per thousand people), advertising formats have become a decisive component of an advertising marketing campaign. Advertisers need to create campaigns with flexible AD formats, not just adopt a single AD format. Flexible AD formats will not only make for a better experience for consumers, but will also be more cost-effective for advertisers.


Measurement: Metrics that need to be adjusted for marketing campaigns Mobile is a constantly changing channel, and with the advent of the Internet of Things, virtual reality and augmented reality, mobile will be even more fickle. This is not to say that existing best practices are no longer applicable, but the industry needs to constantly review these best practices to ensure that they are always up to date with current trends. In such an unpredictable field as mobile, we need to adjust the evaluation indicators of marketing activities in a timely manner.