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Mobile phone has what kind of oral English practice software

2018-01-02 19:12:00
The most important thing to learn a language is to speak it, we Chinese have learned English for so many years, but most people learn English is dumb, can only read and not speak. Nowadays people pay more and more attention to oral English ability. So, what kind of software do you have to practice spoken English? Now let me introduce to you, I hope to help you. First of all, what is recommended here is a very popular app that ranks very high in the major app stores and is also a favorite app for English lovers, and there is no suspicion of promotion!


Fluent speaking

I believe that many friends can also come across this software when searching for English-related software - English fluency, I have to say, this software does a very good job, can very well help us practice oral English. As shown in the picture, we can search for English fluency in the app store and then download and install it on the mobile phone.


Then we open the software, it will initially let us choose the purpose of our oral practice, is to study abroad, travel abroad, work in a foreign company and so on. Then we can start some basic courses, we will speak a sentence, the software will automatically judge you read good and bad, and there are some doubts, so it is very useful for students.

Speak more English

Say more about this software personal use and English fluency is not very big difference, are very good to use a lot of users of a software, the same, you say sentence software to give you intelligent score, we can also try, more easy to use.

English fun dubbing

Compared with the above two software, this software - English fun dubbing is greatly strengthened. You can dub some popular videos yourself, and then upload your dub to share with users, you can also see a lot of powerful users to share the dub.


We click on a popular video, and then choose to start dubbing, you can start dubbing a small sentence, will be more interesting than the above several software, so that we are more willing to speak English.

Spoken English is learned every day

The advantages of this software and the above software are similar, are also free, the user experience is good, there are some representative phrases and sentences, the interface is simple and intuitive, rich content, suitable for us to practice English!

Matters needing attention

Sharing makes life better, I hope some of my life experience can bring you help! If there are any inadequacies in this experience, I hope you will point out that I will correct them in time.