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"Monopoly 8" game tips

2018-01-10 17:36:00

Monopoly has always been a classic game, although the way of the game is relatively younger, but the most casual game, everyone is suitable for, the most important thing to play this game is a good mood, with a casual heart to play this game. Game tips 1, s/l Dafa is applicable to all turn-based stand-alone games, especially the first players 2, the most profitable way is to stock 3, see good may be the best way to stock 4, do not buy on Friday, decisively sell at the end of the month 5, after the court left, enter the magic house to see the limit of 3 days to choose yourself 6, After the bank must withdraw money, enter the bank must loan 300,0007, the loan must be as early as possible 8, after digging all the treasure is generally left about 5 seconds, crazy time has a surprise (jema method)9, when playing balloons, the balloon is pushed to the boundary will make you play until the end of the game 10, all colored balloons do not score 11, the king card, Diamond card is very good, old thousand card, invisible card to buy it 12, leave a dice or roadblock into the merchant 13, the last opponent is dying, and there are many coupons, buy a car storage 14, bamboo dragonfly + blessing God (card)+ purchase card = free purchase of commercial land 15, Transfer card + stay card = complete real estate miracle (opponent complete 90%)16, tortoise card + land is also very good to use 17, the prison door to put mines + framed card is very fun (blame card redundant or equal to opponents)18, deposit reached 800,000 to stop the stock market, at this time the price index is often more than 5 19, Pass must get this pass all the puzzle (there is a guideline online)20, applicable to their own is the most important. Therefore do not believe all of them