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Monster Hunter world keyboard and mouse Settings

2018-03-02 20:48:00

Monster Hunter world PC keyboard and mouse how to set? Monster Hunter world PC keyboard and mouse setting method Monster Hunter: The world on August 8 at 15:00 wegame lifted the ban, after a series of problems, wegame promised 24 points to finish, I believe that now players should have got the game, but for a game on the console before, used to use the controller operation, for the keyboard and mouse is not used to, Monster hunter world PC keyboard and mouse setting method is 6399 Xiaobian to bring the guide.




The Monster Hunter client


Ordinary Settings: the first is the running operation and eating, the running Settings have nothing to change, space evasion, shift acceleration, can also be accepted, but the right mouse button instead of the handle B, return all rely on him, very uncomfortable, always want to press ESC to close those Windows, this I think slowly adapt to it, does not affect hunting.


Then there is the most important concern about food. First of all, in the setting place, not the key setting, but the first one opened, there is a shortcut bar setting, change to the keyboard, this is you watch the video up the main quick harmony of the shortcut wheel, after changing to the keyboard, we can use, if you press Q do not move, there will be a roulette, the mouse can not be used at all, after the anti-human type is changed, You will find that your F1F2F3F4 has a reaction, after the press will appear everyone's favorite 12345678, but before saying Settings say these keys, not permanent on the screen, I do not know why not permanent, anyway, when hunting 1234 and useless, this increases the operation steps, each thing needs to be used when, You must press F1F2 first. But there is also an advantage, that is, all these 4X8=32 keys, all are shortcut keys, what is the shortcut key? You use the quick key stone, sharpening the knife is not required to accept the knife, use the quick key to reconcile, do not need to open the list click click click to reconcile, spread God, put the harmonic diffusion bomb on the F1 5, click F1, and then crazy click 5 on it.


As for how to put things into the shortcut bar, in the Settings above, the top one is: register the shortcut bar, after opening, you can put anything you like in it, a total of 32 keys to choose at will, put a few potions, a few blends, a few action expressions, including the dragon ride jump in the future, are more than enough.


Next to the weapon, first of all, because of the key binding, there must be some choice in the setting, it is not humanized, many Settings must be a key on the 2 effects, it is very uncomfortable, the most criticized should be running and knife must be together, each time a thrill will not help but want to run faster, will press shift, As a result, the knife is running, I hope that it will not be updated in the future, and the key setting will be released, because the current key setting, it feels like the keyboard is only mapped into a handle, the handle is not so many keys to combine this way, we do not need the first melee weapon on the keyboard, I mainly play the big sword and too knife, which is more old-fashioned, the left key is the triangle, chop chop chop, chop chop is right, But pay attention to when cutting, everyone do not press ASD, otherwise it will turn and cut somewhere else, try more in the training field, right click is the circle, the second action of the weapon, these are no problem, the terrible thing is Ctrl, put in that position, change to R more comfortable, if some partners have played OL, change to E more accustomed to, lift the shield ah, etc. Because of the shortcut bar, so the QE switch is not so important, but it is not completely unnecessary, change the flash what to use once in a while, QER three keys, weigh it yourself, one is to press the switch, one is to eat, one is your melee R2 key, try more in the training field, which is comfortable to use which. Melee actually does not change much, talk about the remote, melee remote people want to play, as far as the keys can be set at present, you must have a psychological preparation: that is, melee and remote, completely two games. First of all, I did not change the aiming C and V of the catapult in melee combat, it is OK to use it, but it cannot be used in the long range, the aiming of the weapon and the catapult must be the same key, so I can only change the aiming to the right mouse button, and then the collection of the right mouse button can not be done, in order to facilitate me to change to F, because F was used to picking things up when I played Dragon Valley before. Then change the lock of F to G, because it is not used at all, after all, the mouse is aimed first in the world, and then the most important thing to set !!!! Switch Ctrl and left mouse button to !!!!! Which design is the design of the default, simply anti-human to the extreme, not to say more, change the position on the line. Then QER does not need any changes, left button pull the gun, right button aim, left button fire, continue to left button loading after opening, the mouse wheel can directly change the bullet, do not need to press Q all the time. By the way, since the collection has been changed to F, the special ammunition loading, the chicken ribs of the light crossbow, are all on F, and it is still OK to pop, again, try the training field.