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Music making software "Yalue simple music" : [2] production began

2018-03-11 19:12:29

The previous section introduced how to find the music and installation, this section continues to explain how to use.


Elegant music, computer


Your brilliant brain


Double-click the software icon to open the software.


CTRL+N sheet music or click "" in the order shown and write the song information.


After writing the information, the next step appears the following choice: Because I plan to make the voice melody of "Only Mother is good", I choose a single score table.


Next is the choice of tempo, key and speed. I chose 4/4, key C, speed 74. The setting of this part is mainly based on the requirements of the song you need to make. Take a look at the following example:


Paper size we usually use A4 paper so we will use the default here. If you need to make other sizes of music, you can set it yourself. It does not matter if this place is not set properly for the first time, you can re-arrange it when you finish the layout.


After the last step is set up, click OK to enter the editing interface and you can start to work. The next section will explain the process of making a complete score by demonstrating "Only Mom is Good in the world".

Matters needing attention

These are very simple content, and I try to make them as detailed as possible in order to make them more accessible to beginners. Friends find it useful, please support.