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New car listing process

2018-02-23 06:24:00

Nowadays, people's living standards are gradually improving, and a family even has several cars, so after buying a car, they encounter this thing. This thing is not big or small, many areas of 4S often charge customers one or two thousand yuan listing fees, then we really need to spend really much money? Of course, it is not necessary, but we have little contact with the listing process is not familiar with, sometimes the preparation of information is not very complete will delay the matter, next focus on the whole listing process.


Original vehicle certificate, purchase invoice (registration copy), owner ID card (temporary residence permit), etc

Preparatory work

First of all, we pay the purchase tax on our car. This has been mentioned in the previous article, the specific materials and calculation methods required for tax payment are involved, and the tax payment certificate is available after tax payment.


Purchase insurance

Station flow

When you get to the car stop, go to the file and photo points. Someone will help you sort through the materials you brought, give you the inspection notice, and then staple together what you need.


Print a rubbing. Car generally have a master to give you rubbing, you put the rubbing and the photo of the car in the corresponding place of the inspection notice on it (now most vehicles will be accompanied by two photos and two extension strips, so you can save some time here).


Cross the line. There are many cars in general, and vehicles need to queue up to cross the line to the car inspection area (there is a trick, that is, when we go to the car station, it is best to go to the hall to queue up materials, and a person to queue up outside the inspection area). When you get to the car inspection area, open the hood and let the police check your car for you. After the inspection of your car, the police car uncle will take the inspection notice away, you have to wait for the inspection notice.


After getting the notice, go to the business hall for registration. Ask the salesman to input the data for you.


After the registration is done, the rest is soon. The fee is about 125 yuan (including the license fee and the license fee, and a temporary card if necessary).


Then get the motor vehicle license and registration certificate.

Sum up

I think we're done with the registration process here. Buy a car, license for the novice is really a trouble, many things do not understand to run back and forth several times is commonplace, maybe also be 4s charge a service fee, in fact, is very unnecessary, although now crack down on car bugs, but still repeatedly banned, but relative to the 4S one thousand two thousand ocean, car bugs collected two or three hundred or generous point. On the other hand, no one's money is windy, especially after buying a car to find that every time refueling meat pain ah. Then after reading this brief listing process, you can try to operate it yourself, it is not so troublesome, and you can ask questions. We'll save a few hundred bucks and get an extra tank of gas, so we can take the family out and relax.

Matters needing attention

The general license plate is made by the city car, the distance can choose to mail about two to three days received, the distance can be posted in the past, the license is very fast, generally about 30 to 40 minutes to get it. Be sure to bring your driving license and payment slip when you pick up the photo.