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Novice how to choose flat doors and Windows, need to pay attention to what problems?

2018-04-26 11:12:27

I believe that many friends who do not know much about home improvement have been on the bad quality and poor effect, and doors and Windows as one of the most important hardware of house decoration, is the hard knowledge that home improvement Xiaolwhite should understand most. The right choice of good doors and Windows, not only can ensure its quality and home improvement effect, but also to avoid the construction of the second decoration, less trouble and worries, here, we talk about how to choose doors and Windows.


In order to meet different home improvement effects, according to the different opening methods, home improvement doors and Windows can be divided into open doors and Windows, push-pull doors and Windows, hanging doors and Windows. Among them, open doors and Windows with its unique style is favored by home improvement friends who like modern home decoration style, below we will take a look.


Open mode: Open doors and Windows are based on two or more parallel or vertical points as the axis, fixed on the side, can be opened by manual, electric, chain movement, twisting, rotation, magnetic and other ways. Due to the wide range of use of open doors and Windows, almost all buildings are applicable, and it has become a common door and window class in our daily life.


Advantages of flat doors and Windows: large opening area, good ventilation effect. It can match the home decoration style of a variety of scenes, whether you like an open and smooth air duct, or just want to ventilation, flat doors and Windows are optional to try.


Secondly, lighting, sound insulation, moisturizing, sealing has a good ability, than other types of doors and Windows have a style, due to the rise of modern housing structure and real estate, coupled with people's demand for home quality of life, the most important thing to choose a good house is undoubtedly lighting and sound insulation ability, in some weather wet and cold south moisture and tightness is also an important indicator to measure a good house. However, choosing the right house is not enough, the quality of doors and Windows is also important. Flat doors and Windows, as the type of doors and Windows that meet the above conditions, are more promising for the home improvement crowd.


In the open design, the inside and outside can be selected, the inside can ensure a certain degree of security, but the outside can make the space more open, the price is high, the housing use area is tight is the most common home improvement problem, so many designers will consider the use of open doors and Windows to solve this problem.


Distinguish quality skills: After talking so much, the key is to teach you how to choose high-quality open doors and Windows. We should not only look at the selection and design of open doors and Windows, but also pay attention to brand strength. Hennessy doors and Windows are generally considered by the demand side of home improvement and designers. Hennessy casement Windows are equipped with a unique hardware system, imported hardware accessories and aviation standard profiles, which are more durable and stable than ordinary aluminum, and their service life is more than 10 years longer than ordinary profiles.