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On-the-job postgraduate general guide: The best time to read MBA

2018-01-10 06:24:00

Those who have been engaged in practical work for 3 years or more and have middle-level or above managerial positions are suitable for MBA. But generally speaking, more than 5 years is more appropriate. With work experience, I can broaden my horizons and understand some theories. If you are a senior manager with more than 8 years of work experience, you are suitable for EMBA


MBA industry insiders summed it up: "MBA should and can only be two types of people, one is a certain work experience, but urgently need to expand their horizons, rich practical experience; The second is a rich practical experience, back to complement the theoretical knowledge of the people. An MBA is not for someone who starts with nothing and is looking for basic knowledge."


Generally speaking, MBA candidates who are likely to become good managers must have the following conditions: have a certain practical experience in management, and have a considerable understanding of the actual situation of the enterprise; Interested in all studies, and the development is more balanced; Concerned about changes in the external environment, and hope to make contributions; Willing (and good) to get along with others and be able to actively play a role in a team. Of course, if you have a good talent, a talent to influence others, it is easier to become a good manager.


If it's not a middle manager. It is likely that they have not yet reached the best time to study MBA, that is, they do not have the best conditions to study MBA, which is not conducive to them to fully absorb the value of MBA

Matters needing attention

It is also important to have the awareness to change the status quo and change yourself. If you do not have a strong sense of self-change and improvement, you may not be suitable for MBA