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Palm kill technique

2018-03-14 16:00:31

Palm kill technique...


Account number

Palm kill tips and steps

First, go to the official homepage, click Login, enter your account password, login account.


Select the goods you want to buy to enter the buying, enter the page of second kill. You will find that the panic button is still gray and cannot proceed to the next step.


Click the Refresh page in the upper left corner, or right-click and select Refresh. The next thing is important, the 1-2 seconds after refresh are critical.


Refresh 1,2 seconds after the following page will appear, the original gray button, will become immediately "add to the cart" quickly, remember is a quick click. If not, it will soon turn gray.


After that, click "Go to settlement" at the exact time. You'll have less time to enter the capTCHA, and you'll be one step ahead.