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Pick a way to get rich

2018-02-25 03:12:00

Today, Xiaobian and you share the method experience of choosing a number to make money, I hope it will be helpful to you.




Why would that affect a person? It is an essential tool for today's people, and every one of us needs to use it; ② We use it every day very frequently and it has become an indispensable part of our lives.


(3) There is a large amount of information energy aggregation, and information is expressed through numbers, numbers are a carrier of information; The combination of our different luck is the embodiment and carrier; Numbers have energy, and different combinations of numbers will produce different energy magnetic fields to affect our fortunes.


The number has different meanings for each person, the number is a common recognition of the number, some auspicious numbers such as birthday number is only a special meaning for some people. For some collectors, Lianghao has gradually become a popular collection in recent years. Because this does not wear characteristics. Most collectors have entered the field to invest.


The main categories of beautiful numbers are: AAAA AAAAA AAAAAA type: This type of beautiful numbers, belong to rare varieties, in the old number segment is rarely seen, there will be some in the new number segment. Of course, this kind of beautiful number is not ordinary people can get through normal ways, and of course, it is also expensive to spend money to find.


AAA: This is also a very rare number. The three consecutive numbers are subdivided into two categories: the first category is 888, 666, 999, 555, 777, 000, 111, 222, 333, 444, and the second category is the three consecutive numbers except 6 8 9. The first category is much more valuable than the second. The value of the old number is much greater than the value of the new number.


AAAAB type, AAABAAAB type: like 88889, 11222223, 11181118, etc., this kind of beautiful number can not be met, very neat, has a strong personality. 13 beginning of the old number segment has been difficult to find such a beautiful number. There are still a few beautiful numbers in the new section 15, and the ones in the section 18 are waiting for you to pick. The price of this kind of beautiful number depends on personal preference.


AABB type, ABAB type AABBCC type, ABABAB type such beautiful numbers are easy to remember. Like 1188, 5588, 5858, 223366, 11191919, in the case of increasingly fewer good numbers, the appreciation potential of AABB and other types of good numbers should not be underestimated. Even an 8 is worth a lot more than the average. In addition, the value of some old number segments is greater than the value of the new number. The number value without a 4 is greater than the number value with a 4.

Matters needing attention

If you do not know this, please consult a professional.