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Precision injection requirements for injection machines

2018-05-11 16:00:04

Precision injection machine power to large precision injection machine generally use a large injection power, so that in addition to meeting the requirements of injection pressure and injection speed, the injection power will also improve the accuracy of plastic parts. The control system of the precision injection machine must have a high control accuracy, otherwise it is difficult to ensure the accuracy of the plastic parts. The control accuracy includes: good repeatability of various injection process parameters; To accurately control the size of the clamping force, it is necessary to precisely control the working oil temperature in the liquid ffl: loop. The reaction speed of the hydraulic system should be fast, and the clamping system should have enough rigidity because the precision injection often uses high-speed molding, so the masking system must have a fast reaction speed; Secondly, due to the high precision injection pressure, the structural components of the mold closing system of the injection machine and the mold moving, fixed mold fixing plate and tie rod must have sufficient rigidity. In order to meet the requirements of precision injection molding, plastic extruder not only has strict requirements on equipment, but also has strict requirements on molding materials and molding tools. In addition to the good fluidity and formability of the materials used in precision injection molding, it is also required that the size and shape of the molded plastic parts have good stability and good creep resistance. At present, the plastics used are polycarbonate vinegar, polyacid amine, polyformaldehyde, ABS and PBT.