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Professional travel Guide: [2] China.(detailed HD photo)

2018-02-26 00:00:00

Zhangzha Town is located in the province, is the tributary of the upper reaches of the ditch, because there are nine Tibetan villages and named. It is high in altitude and is covered with virgin forests, and 108 lakes are distributed in the ditch. The scenery varies from season to season, and autumn is the best. The Five Flowers Sea: The lake is colorful, and the dead trees settle quietly at the bottom of the lake, which is extremely original. The lake water here is warm in winter and cool in summer, and has high geological research value. Wucai Pond: This is the first scenic spot from walking down, the water flow of Wucai Pond is underground river, the sea pool in different colors. Pearl Beach Waterfall: I don't think of the scene in the end of Journey to the West where Wukong leads a white dragon horse. Yes, this is it. The water is open and waterfalls are pouring down. Nuorilang Waterfall: Very spectacular, especially standing below the waterfall, must climb to the top to take a panoramic view will not regret oh. Scenic spot: The whole walk 8 kilometers, the elderly take the cableway, the young people or slowly climb a little interesting, the mountain has altitude sickness, this lifetime unforgettable, linger ah. Mirror Sea: Fish swim in the sky, birds fly in the water. It really feels like the celestial realm, there is no better time than this. Primitive forest: stepping on the deep and soft moss and fresh leaves, the nose smells the fragrant humid air, the ears listen to the pines and birds, the body blows the wild forest mountain wind, and the eyes look at the lush trees. There's no otherworldly feeling. This is what it feels like. Lying: There is a milky yellow calcium carbonate sediment at the bottom of the sea, the shape is like a giant dragon lying in the water, lifelike, and the lying is named for it. Food: yak beef, highland barley wine, butter tea, highland barley cake, yogurt, Zanba, buckwheat pasta, sauerkraut noodle block, black pudding. Specialties: horn comb, silver products, Tibetan knife, Qiang embroidery.