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"Proud God - Romantic Supreme" game review

2018-05-05 01:36:09

In 2011, fanatic RPG games swept the game platform one by one, "Proud God" as a powerful work recently reflected in the small edition. Normal RPG game, ghost style of meeting enemies, turn-based combat mode. Classic items, skills, equipment. Coupled with new types of game systems such as reinforcement, the game has many good designs and highlights, but there are also many shortcomings.


JAVA game "proud God - Romantic supreme", a smart.


【 Game introduction (plot) 】★★★ Deer battle, Chiyou invulnerability, heroic. The Yellow Emperor finally beheaded Chiyou with the help of Jiuyi's sword. In the following thousand years, Chiyou kept invading the human realm in the hope of recapturing the Chinese mainland, and the descendants of the Yellow Emperor fought against it with Xiuzhen. Haotian disciple Nangong was expelled from the master because of mercy to let go of monsters, and then met two Yi door female disciples. Just when the war between good and evil began, the Nangong accidentally found something...


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★★ The cover is well made, the character shape design is very good, all are 1:1 ratio, the details are more delicate, imitating the techniques of Gongbi painting rendering. Specific figures have close-up modeling, the picture is beautiful. The scene picture is OK, but the tone is very general, depressing. The battle screen is the biggest failure, the characters move very slowly, almost stuck action trajectorys...


[Game operation] ★★★★ [2] Key: Menu command up/Role up move [5] Key: OK [4] Key: Menu command left/Role left move [6] Key: Menu command right/role down move [8] Key: Menu command down/role down move [right button] : back [left button] : OK/game call up the system menu


【 Advantages 】 Classic RPG system textbook. [Insufficient] The battle picture production is too bad...

Matters needing attention

Moderate game entertainment, addiction to games hurt the body, reasonable arrangement of time, enjoy a happy life...