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Receive holiday travel experience talk

2018-05-14 19:12:32

During this year's National Day holiday, many people who go out to travel have more or less encountered some unpleasant things. : Some friends during the Golden Week to some scenic spots travel ticket purchase restrictions, and do not know in advance, to the destination only to know that they can not buy tickets, this situation is very wrong? Some friends do not arrange the travel time well, there was only a seven-day holiday, and the arranged holiday time did not consider the return time, the road traffic jam delay time, etc., resulting in the actual travel plan to visit fewer scenic spots, and the planned goals can not be achieved. These problems are very common, and there are some minor problems, such as: the phenomenon of riping customers when dining in scenic spots, the food that is eaten at a high price is also very unsanitary and difficult to swallow; Some tourists travel in bad weather, not as haze, fog, and even rain. In response to the above problems, Xiaobian gives some small suggestions to friends who like to travel and travel to adopt.


National Day holiday for seven days, say long is not long, say short it is a rare vacation in a year. But at the end of the day, seven days is a very short time for travelers. If you want to have fun and want the whole family or a few good friends to travel and play together, it is recommended to choose the neighborhood. Because you have a good understanding of the environment, the road, and the weather conditions around you, you can both play easily and avoid a lot of unnecessary trouble.


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Friends should do their homework before traveling, bring the necessary tools to perform, and female friends had better not wear high heels. It is generally best to wear sneakers when going out. It is best to have all the toiletries.