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Recommend a good smell of men's eau de toilette, authentic cologne how much

2018-01-10 04:48:00

Cologne that calm, not arrogant breath, by many men's attention Western men should use strong perfume, can cover the body odor, and human body odor is very light, so it is more suitable for light fragrance, with those heavy fragrance will only make people around retreat. All men should wear a light and famous cologne. The price of cologne is also different, depending on which brand, to the world famous Yichou Fang Cologne for example, the original price is 298 yuan, the current price is 220 yuan.


Yichufang Cologne is a sensual fragrance, specially designed for successful men with strong feelings, these people are full of confidence, elegant and extremely emotional, but the heart has been seeking a strong, unrestrained ethereal atmosphere, can strongly tease their own touch of buried in the psychological agitation feelings. Yichou Fang Cologne perfumes perfectly fit the charm pursued by the above types of men, and is a true interpretation of the true male character with the charm of the type. Not from the fragrance, or the shape, all reflect the true character of the new era.


No perfume is more famous than CHANEL No. 5, but did you know that Chanel also has a classic cologne? Don't forget, Chanel lady is advocating simple, comfortable, sports style of clothing and attitude to life, and clean cologne is of course perfect.


bonpoint Eau de Toilette bonpoint Eau de Toilette's unique luxury fragrance inherits the essence of the brand and is blended with the most sophisticated aromas. In the essence of the fragrance of the orange flower fairy, the subtle orange floral water blends intimately with the pleasing essence of orange leaves. It is a blend of precious and rare aroma ingredients, with pure natural characteristics, worthy of becoming a high-quality luxury fragrance. It is worth mentioning that the capacity of this bottle of perfume is fully 300ml (it is not too much to say that it is a family), and the smooth lines make people feel that the large bottle body is also dexterous.


Hermes Hermes Cologne Collection In 1979, the trench favorite Hermes launched the first cologne - Orange Green Spring. Although the consumers of perfumes are mostly women, the perfumers behind them are rarely female. The Spring of Orange and Green was created by the outstanding female perfumer Francoise Caron. The blend of citrus and lemon with the fragrance of jasmine neroli, and finally the warmth of oak and patchouli and the coolness of mint, this back to nature cologne has been sold for decades.


the complex aroma of BVLGARI Eau Parfumee au the rouge neutral cologne reveals its secret source of inspiration: "Red gold" from South Africa - this is Olivier Polge's metaphor for South African rooibos tea, because its leaves turn red as it matures, while constantly digging its roots deep into the soil in search of water. South African Bols tea is a plant of the acacia genus known as the Red Bush in its country of origin, South Africa. It is often used by doctors in South Africa for medicinal purposes: due to its moisturizing, antioxidant and soothing effects. Under the bright red color with profound meaning, BVLGARI Eau Parfumee au the rouge neutral cologne is sealed with the precious and warm aroma of red bush tea, full of bright and abundant vitality!


German 4711 cologne compared to Farina1709,4711 reputation can be much bigger, almost can be regarded as a synonym for cologne. The brand also claims to be the originator of cologne, the first cologne in the world. In fact, 4711 was born in 1792, in the end 4711 and Farina1709 who is the real originator of cologne, the two have quarreled for more than 200 years. The creator of 4711, Wilhelm Muelhens, was a businessman who reportedly got his cologne recipe from a monk as a wedding gift.