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Recommend some good English songs

2018-04-09 06:24:07

Music can cultivate people's sentiment, different music has different charm, the following recommend a few very good English songs.

Beat beautifully

numb, the music video tells the story of a girl who is not popular in school and insists on her humble and ununderstood ideals. Even if everyone rejects me, I still just want to be myself.


My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark My Songs Know What You Did In The Dark is Fall Out Boyboys 2013 album Save Rock and All The title song of Roll. It debuted at number one on the British Rock Singles Gold Chart for eight weeks. The song was performed by Fall Out Boy and Taylor Swift at the 2013 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show.


No matter the melody, rhythm or lyrics, "couting stars" is a catchy, bright and relaxed song, with the lyrics of "I firmly believe that the world is as beautiful as before", sweeping away the confusion of young people and injecting high energy


Bruno Mars' treasure, that's what I like,uptown funk, nice melody.


Shayne Ward is The 2005 winner of The X Factor, a rising star in the British music scene. Shayne Ward is conquering music fans all over the world with his good looks and beautiful, high voice.


"see you again," Super 7, don't need me to introduce, again in memory of Paul Walker.


"Timber" "Timber" is a combination of rap, dance music, folk, pop and electronic music strange song, very innovative, alternative and diversified, there is a beautiful country minor tune, its producer will rap and country both integrated, even can make the listener lingering sound, unforgettable, to the listener brings different music enjoyment, Its lyrics poke fun at American singer Miley Cyrus. In this song, PIP Paul avoids the simple and boring hardcore rap, which is very catchy and rhythmic. Ke$ha shows off her unique electric sound in the song