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Self-taught PS[7]: Introduction to cutting tools and perspective cutting methods

2018-04-30 22:24:36

Cutting tool is one of the most commonly used tools in PS, but its function is not completely clear to many people, let's take a look at the cutting tool in PS, and understand its we are not commonly used but it is a very powerful function: the function of perspective cutting.


PC One computer


PS software


First of all, we need to know about the cutting tool, click the cutting tool, the default mode is to arbitrarily cut on the picture, then there are 8 control points around the cutting box, we can drag the 8 control points, to control the size of the cutting area, the bright part of the image cutting box, will be cut off the picture, the gray part outside for the cut off part.


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In addition, when checking the perspective check box, as shown in the following figure, you can achieve the perspective function of the picture, hold down the mouse to drag the operation, then we can see a trapezoid, then we are not cut to get a trapezoid? The answer is not, it is to achieve a distorted cut of the picture, we still get a square image.


If we click the cut button, this is our mistake, how to cancel it, you can click the cancel button in the upper right corner of the figure below, cancel the operation, you can also press the ESC key on the keyboard, if you want to save the cut picture, click the check button, you can also directly press the Enter key on the keyboard.


We can also set the proportion of cutting and the pixel of cutting, such as we set the length and width of 18, 90 pixels, then we can see that the cutting box is a square when dragging, can not be changed into a rectangle, and there are only four control points outside the cutting box.


If we set parameters and don't want to use them anymore, we can click Clear to cancel.

Matters needing attention

When using the perspective function, note that the image shown in the cut box will not be cut out, but is the image obtained after distortion


The setting of the shear parameter only sets the ratio of length to width, not the exact size