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Share registration

2018-02-23 11:12:00

Entrepreneurship has become the trend of realizing the value of life in the 21st century, and it is the first choice of entrepreneurs as a metropolis of creation, so what is the registration process of a joint-stock company? What information is needed?


1. The establishment of stock limited is somewhat different from other types, because this type is an enterprise legal person whose registered capital is the share, and then each shareholder bears civil liability respectively according to the proportion of the shares they subscribe for;


(2) The number of persons to be established in a limited number of shares shall be within the range of more than 2 persons and less than 200 persons; There are also requirements for the registered capital, which is not less than 5 million yuan.


A registered shares first apply for name pre-approval registration of all shareholders (sponsors) designated representatives or jointly entrusted agents to the industrial and commercial departments to submit the application for name pre-approval documents, while preparing the following materials: (1) all shareholders (sponsors) signed name pre-approval application; (2) All shareholders designated representative or jointly entrusted agent certificate; (3) Other materials prescribed by the Industry and Commerce Bureau;


(1) The application for registration signed by the legal representative; (2) Certificate of the representative or co-principal appointed by the Board of directors; (3) Articles of association; (4) A capital verification certificate issued by a capital verification institution established in accordance with the provisions (this step is not required for the subscription system); (5) The initiator's initial contribution is non-monetary property;


(6) the principal qualification certificate of the initiator or the identity certificate of the natural person; (7) Names, addresses and other documents of directors, supervisors and managers, as well as certificates of appointment, election and employment; (8) The legal representative's office documents and identity certificates; (9) Notice of pre-approval of enterprise name; (10) Proof of residence; (11) Other materials prescribed by the Industry and Commerce Bureau. (and create finance and taxation)

Matters needing attention

The name should be decided in advance,


Determine the registered capital and shareholders