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Silencer grease - a good helper for silencer around us!

2018-04-12 14:24:42

Silencer rail grease HG-206, made of special polymer materials, anti-wear compound additives, structural improvement agents and high purity thickener and other materials synthesis and refining, containing viscous lubricant, high and low temperature performance is excellent, the use range of -10℃-200℃.


Slide rail/lead rod/slider etc


Silencing grease


1. Suitable for lubrication, silencing and damping of all kinds of straight lines, ball rails, sliding rods, casters and rotating shafts;


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2. Used for noise reduction, lubrication and buffering of furniture rails, office chairs, shock absorbing parts or lifting rods;


3. Used for noise reduction, lubrication and vibration reduction of various medium and low speed bearings, reduction motor gears and metal gears. END


1. Excellent adhesion, good sealing and damping performance; 2. Excellent low temperature, lubricity and noise reduction performance; 3. Good pH resistance, insoluble in water and most organic solvents; 4. Good thermal stability and colloidal properties, compatible with a variety of plastic and elastic colloid; 5. Good biological stability, will not change slightly and can better correct machining errors; 6. Excellent waterproof, anti-rust, anti-corrosion; 7. Non-toxic, environmental protection, in line with ROHS directive. END


Color appearance white visual work cone into the degree of transparency, 25 ℃, 0.1 mm ASTMD217 torque value, 150-200, 25 ℃, Gf. 2 ~ 25 cm -- -- drop point, 260 ℃ ASTMD2265 evaporation loss, (120 ℃, 22 h), Wt. % 0.5 ASTMD972 corrosion, (100 ℃, 24 h, T2Cu), level 1 a ASTMD4048 oil from degrees, 100 ℃ for 24 h - using temperature range, 10-200 ℃ - -


Note: The above technical data is the average of the current product test results and may be affected by limited errors in production. Please refer to the sample! END


1. This product is a direct use lubricant, do not need to add water, can be used directly. 2. Please clean the lubricating part before using the grease, and then apply it. 3. Apply or fill grease with brush, spatula, manual grease gun or automatic lubrication equipment (grease injection machine) according to the conventional use method of grease, and ensure that the grease injection process is clean. 4. After the grease assembly is completed, run or run properly to make the oil film on the surface of the parts uniform. 5. Different quality, model and brand of rail grease products should not be mixed. 6. Improper application may cause poor noise reduction effect. END


1. When the rail grease is used out of the warehouse, the principle of first in first out should be followed. 2. Keep the warehouse floor clean, and find out in time when the slide grease leaks. 3. Keep the barrel body of the rail grease clean and clearly marked. 4. The rail grease should be stored in a cool, ventilated and dry warehouse. 5. The storage temperature of the rail grease should be 5-55℃. 6. Avoid sun and rain during storage and transportation of rail grease. 7. Under normal storage conditions, the shelf life of the rail grease is one year. END

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