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Six ways to lift a beer lid

2018-05-12 04:48:13

Usually we boys drink beer together, then I will teach you six ways to lift the bottle cap, a variety of methods to learn, do not worry about the problem of bottle cap in the future


Opener, chopsticks, lighter, two wine bottles


Wall corner


First of all, our most commonly used method is to bring their own wine opener, this method is the most common and most common, presumably everyone will


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With chopsticks, use the thick end of chopsticks to hold the bottleneck of the tooth skirt of the bottle cap with the other hand, the hand is used as the index finger for the support point, and the other hand can be turned down to open


Use corners, it can be a wall, it can be a table, it can be some corners and corners. Hold the bottle with one hand and place the cap on the edge. Tap down with the other hand and open it


With a spoon, with the handle part of the spoon, the head as the pry point, the hand as the support point, the hand holding the bottleneck as the fulcrum, the other hand down to pry, you can start


The last one that everyone can use is to use their own teeth, the cap of the bottle is placed on the lower teeth, the upper teeth are used as a support point, the bottle is pry up, and you can crack it open, but this is not recommended, because it is not good for the teeth, and the second is bacteria


With a lighter, use the tail of the lighter, also the tail as a pry point, hold the bottleneck as a support point, and the other hand can pry down to knock it open

Matters needing attention

A variety of ways to lift the cap


Too dangerous to do