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Small remedies for migraines

2018-04-26 14:24:45

Migraine is the most important and common type of bloody headache, which presents a throbbing or distending pain consistent with the pulse. Here are some tips to treat migraines in a clever way. 1, knead the temples every morning after waking up and before going to sleep at night, use the middle finger of both hands to knead the temple in circles, first massage 7 ~ 8 circles, and then knead 7 ~ 8 circles, so repeated several times, for several consecutive days, migraine can be greatly reduced. 2. The ten fingertips of the hands are placed on the most painful place of the head, and a light quick massage is performed like combing the hair, 100 back and forth each time, and 1 time each day before morning, middle and dinner can achieve the purpose of pain relief. 3, when migraine attacks, the hands can be immersed in a pot of hot water (water temperature to the hand into the water can tolerate the limit is appropriate), adhere to soak for about half an hour, you can make the hand blood expansion, brain blood correspondingly reduced, so that the migraine gradually reduced. 4, Chinese herbal plug nose take Chuanxiong, Angelica, barbecued polygonum 15 grams each baking, and then add 7 grams of borneol, a total of fine powder, bottled for use. In the treatment of migraine, a small amount of powder can be wrapped in silk to plug the right nose, generally about 15 minutes after plugging the nose can relieve pain. 5, eat magnesium food Migraine patients should often eat some magnesium rich food, such as walnuts, peanuts, soybeans, kelp, oranges, almonds, grains and a variety of green leafy vegetables, which has a certain effect on relieving migraine symptoms. 6, drink strong mint tea, take 15 grams of dried mint leaves into a teacup, brew with boiled water for 5 minutes after taking, take 1 time in the morning and evening, it also has a certain effect on the treatment of migraine.